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Where Do I Pick Up My Depends and Geratol?


Hello you old farts,

I just wanted to pop in and say you have a new member in your private club here. Hit 35 today. Yes, I know that makes me a young wipper snapper around here.

Been reading this forum for a while and have learned a lot. Aside from that, I've been inspired quite a bit as well. Some of you guys are gorilla strong. It's good to see that advancing age doesn't preclude gaining strength and training hard.

I'm no badass in the weight room (my basement) but lifting has become one of my joys in life and whether you know it or not, you guys fill the role of internet training partner.

Now if I could only figure out a way to get a bench spot through the interwebz.

Much appreciation for all of the posters that make the over 35 forum one of best places on TNation.




Damn young'uns


I just hate it when kids 20 years younger than me make jokes about Depends ;^)

And OP, if you're benching alone, get a power rack, and set the pins low enough for the barbell to touch your chest, but not so low you can't bail out from under the bar if you fail.


No respect I tell ya.


lol, there have been a few times in my younger days that I could have used some depends. It's weird but after enough drinks a little urine running down your leg just doesn't seem to bother you as much as it should. yeah, I said it. In my defence it was raining really hard, I was already soaked, and the line to the bathroom was way too long to wait.

Thanks for the good advice on the rack Momma. I agree, I really really want a power rack. Not in the financial cards right now though. I work in a struggling industry and have a family to support. 2 year old, and a little girl due any day now. Other things take priority on the cash.

I try to be safe plus it's not like I'm benching monster weights. Don't use collars and can hopefully ditch the weight to one side if I get in trouble.

By the way, Momma, you are one of the people that inspire me.


Welcome to the old meathead section.


When you get some $$ check out craigslist, there are always bargains on racks there


x2 and dirt cheap.

And thanks for the shout out. You can always do floor presses until you get your rack. Yeah, I know it's not a full ROM, but it's safe if you want to push up heavier weight than you're used to. At least you can set the bar on the floor and crawl out from under it. Not that I've done that, or anything.


x2 on the craigslist! I found a brand new rack and a bunch of other equipment for less than 1/3 list with no shipping costs because I picked it up locally.

Welcome to the young whippersnapper


Denver area: http://denver.craigslist.org/spo/1323682114.html


That's a great idea. Thanks


You're welcome on the shout out Momma, you are obviously one tough sob.

Another good idea on the floor presses. Damn, it's true, wisdom does come with age. I'm going to have to get me some of that.

I've always heard floor presses mentioned but never seen them done or tried them. I may be a total idiot but do the plates have to rest on some boards or something to get the bar up high enough to get under and operate? Maybe I'm thinking the 45's are smaller in diameter than they really are. I'll check youtube for some vids.

Thanks for the idea though. That sounds like a good way to play around with some heavier weight.


Thanks Pete, I feel right at home.


That looks like a good price, just need to find one local so I can pick it up. I can justify 200-300. I was thinking more like $800 + for the new ones.

thanks for the idea


I used to rest the sleeves of the bar on some cinderblocks for floor pressing. I'd get under the bar, press it up and then floor press away.

Dumbbell floor presses are big fun too and even a little easier to get out from under.


35?!! Ok, a few things you need to know. Soon, you're going to start going through some changes. Your balls will start to grow and drop. You'll begin getting facial and pubic hair. Your voice will begin to deepen and you'll start to notice girls (hopefully). You may wake up in the morning and find you've had a nocturnal emmission. Don't be alarmed, these things are natural and we all went through them during puberty.

Depends and Geritol? Get a jock strap, some fish oil, Jack Daniels, crawdads and a good cigar. Then go lift some heavy shit. Bienvenue.


What hel said. Oh, and welcome aboard.


Crawdads!.....that's what I forgot.


Not to hijack the younguns thread but took a look at Tarzan's profile. Lookin real good there Greystoke. Yawl might want to check it out for some inspiration.


X2. Looking forward to following your progress