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Where Do I Inject Testosterone?

Hello, I’ve been told not to inject test into my quads as there can be many complications that go with it. How would I inject testosterone into my glutes without messing it up? Many thanks, Kieron.


Seriously, man, there’s no worthwhile upside to using anabolics right now, for so many reasons. Between your age (first and foremost) and your lack of structured/consistent training and your high body fat, hold off on cycling for a long while.


I’m thinking of taking it after a year of solid training and dieting. So until then I’m holding off.

Then read and study for a year and all your basic and complex questions will have been answered.

I’m thinking about buying the anobolic book on amazon which is about 100 quid.

Looking at these three books to learn from.

I don’t have any first hand knowledge of those. Maybe somebody else will chime in. I highly suggest listening to @Chris_Colucci ’s advice.

I am, I’m trying to learn everyday about this stuff and other things. Just asking on Forums incase someone knows more stuff here.

I haven’t got the latest edition of Anabolics, but I bought the previous edition, which is really good. It will give you a good idea about how to get started, and plenty more information on what drugs are out there.

I would definitely recommend it for someone thinking of getting into PED’s. You need plenty of time to digest the information. Use the forums to get anecdotal experience about drug use.

I don’t know how old you are, but steroids aren’t all rainbows and skittles. Find out about the negative potential, like health problems, libido problems, Deca and Tren dick, fertility, annoying cosmetic side effects like balding, acne, and excess body hair growth.

For pinning glutes. A good bathroom mirror helps a lot. Glutes can be done without too much trouble, with a little practice. There are easier sites, like the delts.

2 years from thinking about taking drugs, educating yourself and consistent natural training in the meantime is a really good idea. You may find out you don’t really need them when you’re young. You can achieve a lot without them.

For me, the best has been VG (Ventrogluteal) muscle and delts, and then if needed pecs. Quads have been a real painful mess for me, no matter what I tried, and I tried a lot, smaller thinner needles, different spots, smaller doses etc.

When I first started TRT I started with pinning Quads, as they seem like the easiest spot for self injecting and it is, but the pain and more than occasional hitting a nerve while pinning and soreness for days and sometimes weeks was quite painful.

I can’t do glutes, but I don’t need to, because VG is better, safer and more convenient. So VG and delts for me.

Agreed. I’ll do glutes only if someone else is giving me the shot

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Or come here and have your questions answered for free. Or read the exhaustive wiki that’s over on Reddit. Or email me and I’ll answer questions and only charge £30. (That is a joke obviously)

I have always injected my quads and up to 3cc eod. Never had any problems with rare exception of some pip and sometimes hitting a nerve and limping for a week but since i am doing muay thai i am limping almost all my life anyways, lol.

Kinda why I asked on the forums lol.

Yeah, hitting a nerve doesn’t sound fun.

its not really much worse than getting a low kick to some more sensitive part of the leg tho… people get those kicks daily and are ok…

Yeah but they’re not kicking you with a needle lol.

Yes, exactly, a needle is just a needle, so its nothing really.

I’d rather get kicked then jab my nerve with a needle.

The book on anabolics isn’t particularly detailed. I’ve read the entire publication.

It’s a good entry point, but books on biochemistry, drug pharmacology, physiology of the endocrine system etc are also decent starting points.

The ONE thing I like about William Llewellyn’s anabolics is… It’s very conservative regarding dosing regimens/protocols. This isn’t a book that will recommend you slam grams of shit if you eventually decide to go down this route.

This… It’s painful for around a second, sometimes the fibres of skeletal muscle around the nerve you hit will go into spasm.

A low kick is worse as the ache can linger, esp if the kick is hard and on point. I don’t like quad shots for TRT… Hurts more than glutes, delts, pecs and lats. I typically inject glutes, but it’s like 0.4-0.5ml/wk. It’d be WAY harder to slam 3-4cc into my glutes per week, which is a fairly common volume of oil for those on cycle to use.

Having a pinched and/or inflamed nerve is far more painful than both of these examples

No… You wouldn’t. Esp if the person kicking you knows what they’re doing… some people have shins like baseball bats…