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Where Do I Go?


Alright I wish i looked here first and posted, ill put it that way:)

In 2006 i was a senior in high school, i was obsessed with getting the girls and the only thing i could of making it easier was getting a big strong bod. I remember specifically my mother had an ab wheel and couldnt use it... god was that thing difficult. So i tried it, and kept using it, i also had a single 30 pound dumbell i used to do curls and shoulder presses with.

I realized that an 18 year old that could only do 20 pushups was really lacking, granted i was a band geek. So i started lifting. Senior year i was able to achieve a 225 pound bench press from a 135, a 425 lb deadlift, and didnt squat for the next 3 years lol. It was from there i was hooked but couldnt figure out i was doing wrong (no squats...)

I started squatting 2 years ago with a measly 185 for reps, and the deadlift continued to grow, 450, and then i hurt my back, couldnt have sex... nothing

I took a while off and it was just this year while continuing to squat and deadlift on deployment i randomly snatched the bar up for a 405 rep.. just to take a pissing contest with the marines... 405x12, wow was i impressed.. I won my first powerlifting competition on the boat with a 350 squat, 350 bench press and a 515 deadlift.

Here i sit now with a 395 bench press, 535 deadlift, and 445 squat raw and am ever pleased with myself, but i want to keep going and things are slowing down. i still after almost 6 years of training feel i am very new to this as i have never used a routine. EVER
Sorry for the long post, ill stop now... wonderful to meet ya guys

216, 12% 5'8
18* srms

Steer me lol


hey man, impressive numbers.

There are a lot of PL programs out there so you could do a search and see what you like but one that is pretty popular right now is 531. I've used this program in the past and liked it.

Search a round a bit and read up in the Powerlifting forum and you should get some good direction rather quickly. Actually you might just want to make a thread in the PL section and copy and paste what you wrote above.

Good luck man.


I will just post my thoughts on this post as I read it:

What the fuck? (Honestly surprised. Threads in the beginners forum are usually very misguided or turn into arguments about programming.)

Did he get said bitches?

How did he hurt his back?

What are his goals? (BB? PL? Other?)



Ok so lemme see if i can help...
1. What the fuck? Not sure how to answer

  1. When i was a senior in high school i wanted to get bigger cuz i thought it would help me with the ladies 8) i was skinny

  2. i hurt my back dead lifting, i believe it was in the mid 400's a few years back. I went to attempt the lift, probably got stubborn and powered through with bad form, then felt every vertebrae in my back crack, as if i was at the chiropractor... however it would start to give me headaches and serious pain before i could orgasm during sex, that is what i ment lol sorry.

  3. i would say im more of a bodybuilder and would like to continue to get bigger, but i would compare my attitude with Franco's or Johnie Jackson's. In the back of my mind i wanna be able to walk up to the bar and still bend it when i want to. does that make sense?

Hope this answers your questions


I am in not qualified to help you in any way, shape, or form. You are probably carrying 50 more lbs of lean mass than I will ever have. You would probably get more out of posting in one of the bigger forums like BB or PL.

If you wouldn't mind, how do you train/eat/supplement/recover/etc...?



Well uh first up training.
I have really enjoyed reading Mr. Meadows mountain dog grueling workout session ideas so alot of my training today incorporates much of that information. I train high in volume much like a body builder although i enjoy the occasional 145lb elbow wrenching curl sessions lol. The only thing i cannot seem to make gains with as far as growth is the bench press, and with that I stay very close to the Big Cat's 5x5 style because its just enough to put alot of weight and not too much where my shoulder hurts. I love to squat all the time, when i hit 390x5 a lil back i strained it, irritating my sciatic nerve and making it painful to lean over. 1 week later im back to squatting and i always do sets of ten until i hit the high 300's, however with the ship rocking my last set of 325x10 was very taxing and i was seeing polkadots in my eyes:) That being said my cardio fits in to my 5-6 day lifting schedule at the very end only with 5 mins of cardio in the beginning to loosen up and sweat a bit, and 10-15 mins at the end every day.

I am on deployment right now so my diet=shit. But i simply try to eat for what i am about to do. I work the night shift so that meens my breakfast is my dinner, so I keep the starches to a very low-none, however eat plenty of fruit, 16 oz of milk with every meal.

I am on 100mg of halodrol daily after a long pro hormone cycle consisting of superdrol to dymethazine along with 2ml of trenazone daily. Im rdy to get off this shit lol
I luckily have temox so i will be running the xtreme pct along with 6 capsuls of pct assist daily, and 20mg of temox for 2 weeks because that is all i have... and of course tribulus and zinc to go along side. all of these products were bought on amazon.com

I use 3 caps of nitrix, 1 lipodrene, and 2 rhodiola with green tea caffiene extract, and 2 glucosamine-7 preworkout.
Of course 8 hours of sleep a night:)

I havent taken a protein shake in like 3 weeks, however i have some gold standard and optimum mass gainer i will add in shortly, most likely using 1 scoop of mass gainer early day, and later on after training the leaner protein.

10-20 caps of bcaa's throughout my workout, i have 2 brands and i usually just buy the cheapest
Optimums bcaa's and dymatize at the moment. Hope this answers your questions


Hahaha Best part of the entire post.



So you bench 395 and you consider that struggling?



maybe i wasnt clear, im sorry i mentioned shoulder pain. 395 was my pr early on deployment. now im roughly getting 320x5, i had to switch to close grip from now on to bench... maybe thumbs length out from the grit line on the bar... and the amazon.com comment is true!!!!!!!!!!! ..except temox


Could be as simple as changing your focus, or throwing something different in your routine.

It might be worthwhile to focus on building shoulders for a while. Almost everyone I know could benefit from bigger, stronger shoulders. Especially if you are having pain in them.

I bought some of EliteFTS' short bands a while back, and I like them a lot. Could be a good fit for you, being on a ship and everything.


Thats a wonderful idea, and its funny you say that, i read an atricle on the importance of standing military press... so i took a liking to it. Started with 115lbs, to 135 the first workout, 155 the next... and just finally pressed 205x4 and 225x1. Suprisingly they do not hurt at all when i do military press. Those bands and the way they work truly interest me


does anyone know what a max rack is? for some reason i could barely pull 450 on it today, with alot of stress on my back.. destroyed my attitude. I thought assisted racks were supposed to be easier... way harder wtf


Is that considered close grip (real question)? That is how I normally bench. When I go close grip, I am a thumbs length from the grit in the center of the bar.



yea i usually put my ring finger on the line


They will surprise you, for sure. You can't use momentum to drive through the sticking point because the bands have almost no mass (if you use the bands by themselves). Makes it feel like they have a lot more tension than they really do.

Couple that with the way the tension builds, and they are pretty awesome.


sounds vicious, id love to use them soon


Do you think that moving my hands out would make my #'s go up?



i am definitely more powerful wider like that, but like i said my shoulders started hurting a lot past 375. but alot of people like to do it. maybe try it in moderation


Ive been reading through the blood and chalk series on here, and Mr. Wendler seems to think it is better in the long run to stick to a narrower grip. Maybe I'll give it a try in my next workout.

What do you do in the Navy? Do you enjoy your career choice?



I am an Information Systems Technician, and i would say its a pretty tight job to have on deployment compared to alot of other people. Its definetly good for picking jobs on the outside however im going to be making a change towards being a nutritionist and trainer