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Where Do I Go from Here?


Coach CT,

I am a 24 year old that's 6'1.5" weighing 193lbs and fairly long limbed. My lifts are DL: 425lbs SQ: 365lbs (low bar to box at parallel) Bench: 235lbs PwrClean: 225lbs Mil.Press: 145lbs (weak sauce I know). I am on peak week of 915. I feel that I have made positive gains in size and strength since starting your programs (ibodybuilder, Indigo strength/performance, 6 weeks superhero, built for bad, 915). I am interested in strength over size (although size is a good side effect of strength). I am also interested in the olympic lifts. Do you have any advice for me going forward?


I think one of the Indigo programs has come Oly lifting in it. 5/3/1 is worth checking out too.