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Where Do I Go From Here?


Squat-parallel- 325
Deadlift- 405
Bench- 255

I have been lifting for 4 years now and have been doing basically WSFSB for the last two years.

Looks like this-

-BB Bench- work up to 2RM 2rm X 2-4
T-bar rows- 5x5
Military press-3x4-6
Chin ups weighted- 3x4-6
Overhead triceps press 3x8-12
Hammer curls 3x8-12

Squat/Deadlift- 6x2-4
Lunges/step-up/good mornings/front squat- 3x8-10

DB Bench- 6x3-4
Weighted pull ups- 5x5
Close grip bench- 3x 5-8
Low cable row- 3x 5-8
Rope push downs 3 x 10-12
Curls- 3x 10-12

This is a basic template of what I’m doing now and have been doing for a while now(2 years). I change the exercises around about every 8-10 weeks but the parameters pretty much stay the same. I’m thinking I could use a total overhaul of my workout and I’m looking here for direction and advice on what would be a good route given my past and my stats.

Mainly I’m looking to increase my strength in the big 3 while bringing my weight up to around 210. I hope to hit soon (maybe within 2 years) a 315 bench, 405 squat and 500 deadlift. So with that in mind what programs/training methods do you advise? My time is limited to 3days/week.

Thank you for the help.

Take a look at Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 program. It should meet your needs. Here’s a thread http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_strength/wendler_531_program

x2 on seattle lifter’s idea.

Also, you might want to rotate exercises more often, especially main lifts.

yea tmay i also did ws4sb for about a year then switched over to 531.

So far I just starting my 4th wave and having good progress so far.

If you switch to 531 you won’t be putting up what you are now in terms of poundage but instead lifting more sub-maximal weights which will help you out tremendously in a few short months.

Also you will be able to do whatever you’d like for your assistance work which you could also do the ws4sb stuff for assistance and keep 531 for the main lifts, good luck.

I had alot of success running the madcow 5x5 for six weeks, it gives you alot of practice at the main lifts (especially squats, including warmup sets I did almost 700 squats in six weeks) although if you’re an intermediate lifter you can probably only push your lifts up in a linear fashion for so long. However, it was good for a 20lb. pr on my squat as well as some solid gains on the bench and dead

if you’re looking for an overhaul it might be a good change of pace from WS4SB

How much weight have you gained since you started westside? What were your lifts before you started? Personally I think after two years of westside you should already be at your 3/4/5 goals.

That said, 5/3/1 is excellent and I’m having good success, but I think the suggestion of 5x5 is better for you now. Atleast for 6-9 weeks before changing to 5/3/1.

Good luck.