Where Do I Go From Here? Desperate Cry for Help

After 2 years of lifting heavy weights and putting on some good muscle, In the summer of 2016 I decided to go on a severe calorie restriction diet. I was also overtraining cardio and stopped weight lifting completely. I was eating mostly vegetables and went from 77kg down to 61kg in about 1 month. I noticed lowered libido in sept/oct but kept going because I knew the link between dieting and libido and thought it would resolve. In december 2016 I noticed complete ed, and 0 libido and just then I realized that I did not have a morning erection in months! I finaly got an erection but noticed low semen volume, and no feeling in ejaculating with 0 force. Genital numbness then followed. I immediately knew I was in danger and began eating like a normal human being again. 2 months past and then I even thought to myself I havent had a spontaneous erection in the last 6-7 months either. I devleoped severe restless leg syndrome.

It has now been 2+ years of me stopping the diet, however the symptoms remain.

-dry eyes
-numb genitals (rubber feeling)
-low semen volume/force
-high and tight scrotum
-cold feeling in tip of penis occasionaly as well as right testicle/vas deferens
-no erection in 2 years
-no armpit sweat/genital sweat (appocrine glands)

I have never used propecia/finsateride/ssri/accutane. Never used TRT or anything either. Can someone please give me some direction as to why my body has not recovered?

shbg 19 (18-54)
fsh 3.7 (1.5-12.4)
lh 5.0 (1.7-8.6)
e2 12 (11.5-43.2)
progesterone 0.12 (0-0.13)
total t 654
free test 2.56% (1.53-.2.88)
cortisol 481 (171-536)
acth 29.2 (0-46)
TSH 2.565 (0.35-4.94)
ft3 4.6 (2.9-4.9)
ft4 11.9 (9-19)
prolactin 301 (73-407)
DHT 176 (300-850)
DHEA-S 12,51 (4.34-12.2)

I have quit my job because life does not make any sense like this. I can not find motivation to do fuck all with numb genitals, dry tired eyes/armpits/genitals. I was a very fit person before and I even developed cardiovascular issues. I got out of breath at work picking up a FUCKING CHAIR. Huffing and puffing and my testicles feel dried out and hard. No precum either…

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Go to a doctor’s office.

Id post this over in the TRT section. They are much better at interpreting labs

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He already has and got answers. It just wasn’t what he wanted to hear.

But a quick (and unexpert) glace over your labs and DHT is very low.

DHT is often considered key in Libido.

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I have seen 4 endos . Bad , horrible, worse, and worst. They all contradict each other, one saying total t matters, the other says free t matters, one says my carriers are low and to come back with new bloods in a month and I will get treatment. Next month he tells me I should see a sex therapist.

I have seen 3-4 Urologists with ultrasound of testicles all clear , the last one prescribed me prostamol uno (saw palmetto)

I have a minor herniated disc l1-l2 . Spina bifida l5-s1 . Leg emg last year confirms loss of motor neurons in both legs. Neurologists both recommended I see a neurosurgeon. Neurosurgeon believes problems to be hormonal. And back in a cirle I go for the last 2 years!

All 3 classes found a problem and in the end im a nut job. The endo says my carriers are low. I also notice low e2 and DHT-, high DHEA’s.

Urologist prescribed Saw Palmetto ( on basis of nothing he prescribed it)

Neurologist says the area I have back problems innervates the genitals ( never have or have had back pain in my life)

Chicken little which answer have I got. Physiolojik first said he believes its a dopamine deficiency. Then he says low e2 and low dht. To go on TRT.

The doctors here will not prescribe me TRT with total T of 650. It also will shatter my hopes of being a professional athlete.

It sounds like you’ve seen about a combined total of 100+ years of medical education alone.

My degree is in political science. Why do you want my opinion on this topic?

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yes, I have seen over 100+ years of medical education. However I still have no diagnosis. After seeing them all I found the propecia help forum ( which I never took) I have similar symptoms though. I then turned to Dr. Chrisler and sent him a message on facebook. I asked him if only nerves would cause genital numbness and ed. He said to get my DHT checked. I went desperately the next day to get it checked. It has to be sent to Germany to be analyzed so I had to wait 3 weeks for the results. It came back low at 220 (300-850)

This is pure forum poetry.


Chicken little, I have a guy who contacted me through allthingsmale forum who said he has same symptoms for 7 years and states that TRT did not solve his issues. He believes it was caused by Atkins diet as well.

How will I get trt if the docs will not prescribe it?
Do I have to take this for the rest of my life?

From first glance I’d say you’ve shed so much bodyfat with the restricted diet your e2 is low. Less fat means less aromatization.

Your dr. will likely not prescribe you Test as you’re in range. You could try some pregnenolone and dhea to get e2 levels up.

Serious questions:

which sport;
how serious are you;
at what level do you currently compete; and
is succeeding professionally in that sport more important than your mental and physical health.


It made more sense when the topic was posted in “off topic”, because now I just look like a dick.

Prose is its own justification.

if there is no fixing this , then I might as well go all the way. My urinary sphincter as well is not working that well. Even after pissing sitting on a toilet for 10 minutes I get stress incontinence, adds up over the day. I did not have this before…

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As someone currently going through the process of trying to get TRT, I genuinely understand your frustration. My symptoms are different to yours, since my DHT is fine but T is low, but I get the frustration.

Something I don’t understand at this point, given what your symptoms are, is why you have stopped playing soccer if you are that passionate about it? Without meaning to sound like a smartass, you don’t play football with your dick. Is there more to it than just a floppy Johnson?

Follow up / side query, given that you’ve had a few years out of the sport, is it actually realistic to expect to still be able to go professional? It’s one of the most competetive sports in the world and, unfortunately, one very largely based on accumulated hype and reputation. My understanding is that there are very well established routes into the professional game that are hard to get back into once you fall off.

This situation clearly sucks for you, you have my sympathy, but you are stuck between a rock and a hard place so lets try go through logically:

Your symptoms suggest the issue is low e and low DHT. The solution would normally be TRT

You cant get TRT, because a) your Total and Free T are normal and b) you want to compete in a drug free (drug tested) sport.

Since you can’t tackle the low e and low DHT problems ‘upstream’ via TRT, you need to try to tackle them directly.

Your research and information requests need to be focussed more specifically on how to increase your e and DHT without TRT.

That question specifically (this threads Q is too long to get specific responses, you will likely just have to have the same conversation over and over again) will likely uncover some good advice or search results.

Something to look into.

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Thanks pinky,

I play recreationaly right now, but how can you play professional sports when you feel you dont have a drop of testosterone in you. I CAN NOT YELL on a field anymore. I do not produce bodyodor like before. The tip of my penis tickles, my eyes are dry and tired. Its like my body is filled with bad oxygen. Cardio issues. I just had a EMG of my sphincter. Worst experience of my life but it is good that I felt the needle.

I also feel like I have no emotion anymore. I find it impossible to cry.