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Where do i buy fish oil capsules?

Simple question, where would one go to buy fish oil capsules?

sams club…8 dollars a bottle of 300 and good quality…


Got a Walgreens in your area? They have 200 count bottles for about 8 bucks. Just look in the nutrition section.

vitaglo.com and get the NOW vitamin brand of Omega-3 Fish oil concentrate; very cheap.

Wallgreens sounds good

Have a bit of a twist to add to this particular question…what are some of the brands of fish oils that contain a concentration of 50-60% EPA/DHA? My caps are a measely 30%, and I would like to upgrade, provided price proves worthy.

Hi, Timbo. Yup, ya gotta love those Bucs. (grin)

Re the fish oil, take a look at Ultra Omega 3 liquid fish oil on iHERB.com. I’m paying 50 cents a day to get my 6g of EPA/DHA. What was more important to me than price, though, was the fact that that product is molecularly distilled, the gold standard for removing PCBs, DDT and mercury.

Tampa-T-Bone…Beautiful, man. Thanks for the low-down over at the Herb of I. I’ll definitely be checking that out. Back in November, I believe, I was shopping at IHerb when I picked up some Quality Flax Oil (Health from the Sun) for four bones a pop! Now that’s Beautiful.


$2.83/bottle of 90 caps. Anyone know when Biotest will come out with theirs. No doubt it will cost more than $2.83…Croooz

Hey TT. I checked out the Ultra Omega-3 at iHerb. I did some calculations. It come out to only 30% EPA/DHA.

How does it taste BTW?

Hey, do you really like that Ultra Omega 3 stuff? I’ve never heard of it b4…

Just kiddin :~)
People will catch on to this fish oil thing sooner or later…

LOL! BodyIQ, it’s funny you say that. As I posted my message I was thinking “Boy, people here are probably sick and tired of me talking 'bout where I get my fish oil.”

BS, I pour my tablespoon and a half (6g) over my tuna fish. Tuna in the can tends to be a dry fish, so the oil actually makes it a lot more palatable. I guess the effect is similar to adding mayonaise. It has just a hint of a lemon-lime flavor which I found “interesting” in the beginning, but don’t notice any more. For fish oil, it has a surprisingly non-fishy flavor. Or should I say that it has a slightly fishy flavor but not a strong, RANCID fishy flavor. And maybe it’s just me, but I don’t get the fishy burps.

BS, you’re right about EPA/DHA being only 30%. The other 70% is most likely generic Omega 3, which doesn’t bother me. I supplement with flaxseed oil also.

My goal was just to get 6g of quality EPA/DHA at an affordable price. I haven’t been able to beat the 50-cents-per-day price. The additional Omega 3s are just a bonus, in my book.

Costco or another wholesaler. I wouldn’t recommed NOW supplements - their quality has been known to be “fishY” (no pun intended, well not much anyway!)

I am fairly new to the forum and new to fish oil, and I appreciate this thread and others like it with specific recommendations for brands, prices, etc. I have already read dozens of threads returned by the search for “fish oil,” but many of the threads are several years old, and I appreciate the more current information.

I started taking Twinlab MaxEPA a couple weeks ago because it was readily available. (I am confused as to whether it is the same as the Dale Alexander brand.) I am taking only 2.5 grams DHA/EPA each day, and so far my joint pain is nearly gone. My rheumatoid joint has shrunk back to normal.

But I see that many of you are taking around 6 g/day, so it looks like I need to increase my dose quite a bit. Frankly, I don’t look forward to this. I think the mint-flavored stuff I’m taking tastes OK, not too bad, BUT I often gag when I try to get it down nonetheless. It’s as if my cognitive assessment of the stuff is at odds with some basic reflex. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!

I ordered some of the Sears Labs high-end stuff, and I’m going to try it for a month or so. I also plan to try some of the other brands I learned about on this forum. Thanks for all the information!

Get one of those Juiceman juicers, and run some fish through it. Yummy.