where do dips fit in

My training is split up as follows:
Wed: Rest
Thursday: Legs
Friday: Back/Shoulders

Where should I incorporate dips at?

do your dips at the tail end of your chest workout. keep your feet back and a wide grip to avoid too much tricep contraction.

it sounds to me like you need to get a couple of good training books and read them because you really sound inexperienced. the answer is, it depends. if your doing wide grip dips to develop your chest then you do them with your chest. if your using a closer elbows in grip then you do them with your triceps.


i usually like dips with triceps. laters pk

Do dips in the pool, showers in the bathroom


There are several ways to preform dips. Each serves a different purpose. Why do you want to do dips? What do you think they are going to do for you? it also looks like your triceps are to close to your chest. You may want to switch to Monday: Chest & Back, Tuesday: Quads & Soleus, Wednesday: Rest, Thursday: Traps, Shoulders, Tri’s & Bi’s, and Friday: Hamstrings, Lower Back and Calves.