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Where Did This Lab Go?

I used to get some killer gear from Texstar Labs.....then I lost total contact with the owner and I have been wondering is anyone has heard anything and know if they are still making gear ???  That was some awesome stuff son.

Preciate ya,



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WTF ??? its "your an idiot" first off so get your grammar right you sophomoric moronic buffoon.


how dumb can you be????? haven't you been reading the news or flipping from channel to channel lately? Get a clue buddy


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Or a troll. Its hard to believe someone could be this stupid.


No, no; it's not.


WTF are you talking about ??? I havent seen a thing in the news and Im damn sure no cop or anything like that.....Instead of throwing rocks....tell me what tha hell your talking about.




Thank you for providing that article....I had no idea.....I wish the other ones would have simply told me that instead of throwing rocks but thats how people are these days. I am new to this board and have been out of the game for a little while. The board that I was a member of for years was pulled because of fear so I am just trying to gather information and I came to this board.

Im sorry I said that lab name out loud , I just didnt realize the heat was turned up now. The heat gets turned up every five years or so and it will die down like it always does. Gear will always be around and it will always be an underground deal so we just have to weather the storm and all will get back to normal. Sorry again for being a dumasssss.



[ Actually, it's "you're an idiot" IDIOT!