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Where Did All The Time Go


Hi guys well after years of training and not really getting anywhere fast I was messing about on my mate mini moto getting my knee down and then it all went a bit pete tong.
Well long story short had to have my ACL joint rebuilt, 3 months not able to do a thing. But hell in some respects its the best thing that's happened to me in years.

Ive been back in the Gym for 4 months and have gone from 9.5 stone to 11.10 stone, my lifts have gone up also, deadlift is at 180KG at the moment for 1RM but it just comes up so easy. I'm squatting about 165KG back and 120KG front. heres a pic of me bit pasty white need a tan and i will post a pic of me before.


Hi Matt, welcome to the old folk’s home. Looking good!


lol scary thing is it just seems to go so fast, However I think my metabolism is finally starting to slow so I can start to put a little muscle and weight on.


a pic taken Sunday after the gym


this is how I looked 4 Months ago


I read your name as Marthawood and thought you were going to be a chick. I’m a tad disappointed.

Man you’re all legs and shoulders! What do you do for legs? it seems to be working.