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Where Can I Start?


Does anyone know any articles or advice on what i can do to become 190 with 9% bf i am now 5foot 8 and 173 with 16-18%bf.
I have worked out before and have dieted using the Abs Diet book. But I have taken like 3 weeks out of the gym because i have lost my drive...So im trying to find it and i need some guidance


Well, dieting certainly isn't the answer your looking for. Read the 7 habits article by Berardi. The foods he lists in there should be the only ones you eat. Can you eat 5000 calories a day with those foods, yes. I know it can be done because I do it. Then for your training you want to probably go with westside for skinny bastards. You can't gain mass if you are not strong.



Start reading my friend.



but arent i too fat. I have some abs definition but i have 2 flex and i have some love handles that scare people i think its mostly lower back fat. I am also required to run 2-3 times a week 3 miles and up beacause im in the Marine Corps.


C'mon man, you gotta do a little leg work yourself. Go through the two threads pinned here in the beginner's forum. If you have specific questions about something you read in there, you'll get loads more help than just saying,"tell me how to get this body type."

Best of luck,


where does that link take me to, i dont know if its opening up the right thing


Come on now.

You want to put on 20lbs of lean mass and drop 20lbs of fat and you are to unmotivated to get to a gym?!!!

How about if your love handles or back fat is to the point of being scary--you should be freakin' motivated.


I didnt say that i was unmotivated to go to the gym i said i lost motivation for the last 3 weeks i ate anything i wanted and havent been to the gym..


i read the 7's article but it doesnt say how much of what to eat and its tells you the guidlines but says except work out and post workout so what matters during those times



Nobody (that you aren't paying) is going to hold your hand and figure everything out for you.

Stop complaining that you have to read, think and read some more, and get to work. In a week or more, when you have read enough to ask a reasonable question, ask away.

You put in the work and everyone will be happy to help you out. Sit around and wait for a solution to drop in your lap and everyone will ignore you.

Your choice.


noted, just dont want to make a mistake, ya know, I love this site!


Ok, maybe 5000 calories is a little much, but don't be dieting. You will lose bodyfat by making better food choices. If you eat at maintanence and train using a quality program you'll be fine. You can't uncover what ain't there.


at what point does losing motivation-- become unmotivated.

You want to worry about semantics and I want to know how someone describes themself in terms of scary love handles and too much back fat, yet stays away from the gym and continues to eat.

You decide what you want to focus on.


Do any of you know where I can find a formula or a calculator to find out my maintenance calories.


There are many and that is because none can be completely accurate for all individuals. But--an easy one would be bw X 14-15.