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Where Can I Put Shoulders?


My Chest and arms are lagging, and my shoulders happen to be my best feature. I would like to incorperate an arm day into a 4 day split. But I cannot fit an arm day in without having to stick shoulders somewhere. Doing a 5 day split would be simpler, but I believe hitting shoulders 3x a week is too much. Ive thought of doing chest/shoulders, but that would eliminate doing any real weight on BB Shoulder Press which ive worked hard on to get strong at.


Where can I stick shoulders and still hit them hard?


rear shoulders with back and do presses before arms (shoulders, biceps, triceps),


I've actually had really good results pairing shoulders after chest day. You'll strength will take a minor hit initially, but once you get in the groove things will shape up.

Save rear delt work for back day, though.


I agree with SSC.

I usually pair shoulders with chest, and with good results.

I've been experimenting with 2 a days.

Chest early and shoulders later on.


Ok, jw do you do any presses for shoulders after chest? Because I know when I tried Chest/Shoulder a while ago my pressing was down 30-40lbs. Also id wanna hit chest first in week as its my worst bodypart. Is it bad to do chest/shoulders and then back the next day? Even though front delts arent used much in back just having sore shoulders in general might hinder back poundages.


Question, do you still do shoulder presses after working chest? I tried chest/shoulders before and after getting to shoulders my pressing was down like 30-40lbs. Also wondering if you can do back the day after chest/shoulders? Even though back doesnt use front delts, I imagine having sore shoulders in general might hamper back poundages.


I wouldn't do any overhead presses if you do shoulders on chest day.

Front delts would be overly stimulated and i'm pretty sure if your asking this question you don't have fully developed deltoids.

Work on middle and rear delts.




Yes, I personally would normally do 1 or 2 sets of a dumbbell or barbells shoulder press as my primary shoulder exercise, personally.

EDIT: Personally.

Just in case I didn't say it enough the first time... personally.


I agree with the other splits. My current 4 day split looks like this:

Monday: Chest and Bis
Tuesday: Quads and shoulders
Wednesday: Back and Tri
Thursday off
Friday: Hams and Calfs


You could simply hit shoulder 2x per week, low volume, after your leg and chest workouts. You could do a pressing movement after chest, to avoid interfering with chest recovery, then some lateral raise variations (stuff that doesn't involve tri's) after your leg workout.

Iron Dwarf's suggestion is another valid way of doing it.


I've made some good gains by training shoulders before chest. My chest poundages are a bit less but it is supposed to be good for shoulder health in the long run.