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Where Can I Purchase A Box for the Box Squat?

In Dave Tate’s current article, and in previous articles on Testosterone, box squats are frequently recommended.

Where can I purchase a safe, and hopefully shock absorbing box, to do box squats optimally? (shock absorbing to avoid spine compression as one touchs at the bottom of the movement).

I’m short, so will probably need a box thatis the appropriate height to go definately below parallel. Are there boxes that can be adjusted for level of height or am I worrying for no reason?

In a nutshell - where do you recommend purchasing a good box to use for Box Squatting?

I built my own last sat. morning. Go buy some Ply Wood and some 2x4’s for framing and have at it… i then took it to my gym and it just chills in the corner. I’m sure you could buy one, but why would you. if you build it you can make it any highth you like. peace

Don’t hold me to this, but I believe that I remember Louie saying in an interview one time awhile back that they simply build them themselves. But, I could be mistaken.

look it up in the t-mag search engine geez, in one of the reader mails he gave instructions… pretty easy to make, buy the stuff from your local hardware store. You can’t have shock absorbing boxes btw, can you imagine a spring loaded box?

Your pause on the box shouldn’t be long enough for any compression of the spine to take place, just long enough to relax the hips, nothing else. They also squat on a hassock occasionally, any furniture store will have these.

I simply use a plastic ice chest. The size is right and it is a lot lighter to move around than a wooden box.