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Where Can I Order Grass Fed Beef?


Anyone know a good site to get some quality grass fed beef to order from?


I'm not sure.Try doing a search on it.I buy mine from my local store.It's the best stuff man.The price is a bit higher than the other beef,but well wroth the money.It tastes much better and is high quality beef.


Do you have a Trader Joe's in your area? Or Whole Foods?

If not, ask your local grocer to carry it, most of the time when asked they will.

I've checked prices in the past on wild caught fish and the price is ridiculous


I've never gotten anything shipped from these guys, but when I buy it at the market it's the best damn beef I've ever had!


Here's one more:


This was linked off of Jesse Marunde's website.


Trader Joe's is great.I have one here in VA.


btw- at Trader Joe's you can get 4 Grass Fed Free Range burger patties from Australia for $3.69 or so. good deal IMO


No Trader Joes by me. I was hoping to find a good co on the internet that ships. I know I can do a search but I thiught I would check here with the health nuts first.


Here are a few:

Simply Grazin' Organic Farm
1932 Route 206
Skillman, NJ 08558
Voice (908) 359-6555
fax (908 359-9499

www.eatwild.com (lists grass-fed producers across the country)

Conservation Beef, Helena, Mont., (877) 749-7177, www.conservationbeef.com

D'Artagnan, Newark, N.J., (800) 327-8246, www.dartagnan.com

Napa Free-Range Beef, St. Helena, Calif., (707) 963-8784, www.napafreerangebeef.com

Natural Acres, Millersburg, Pa. (717)-692 1000, naturalacres@PA.net, www.naturalacres.com

New England Livestock Alliance, Hardwick, Mass. (413) 477-6200, www.nelivestockalliance.org

Sunnyside Farms, Washington, Va., (540) 675-3636, www.sunnysidefarmmarket.com


What do they feed your beef over their? All our beef is raised on padocks of grass (NZ) so they got no choice but to eat grass!


grains, sawdust, concrete dust, newspaper, etc.

They used to feed them parts of cows IIRC, but that was banned due to mad cow's disease.

gotta love america.


Try Bison. This guy has bison that is comparable to organic grass fed beef. His bison are raised organically. Bison has much less fat then turkey or chicken.

I drive out to this place to save on shipping. It's a nice drive. To really save money split a 1/4 or 1/2 with a few people. We split a 1/2 between 4 families. Got a lot of meat. It keeps well.

Good stuff. If you pick it up it will be frozen. Bring a cooler.



Damn I posted a good link a few months back from a farm In Va. It might have been that one above Sunnyside farms etc. Good stuff they sold meat at the local farmers market in Arlington. Had Beef, pig, chicken, etc. You could go visit and pet the little moooers before they got whacked and carved LOL.

Good stuff.


Found this a few days ago, lot's of choices:




Here is one for you....


does "grass fed" mean 100% grass ?

what do they eat in the winter ?


Have you guys run out of farm land over their? Even during winter our cows get feed hay when the grass gets a bit short.


you guys have winter ?


Hay. They're still grass fed if they're eating forage, so you can stockpile that forage on the ground or as hay. There's a bunch of rules about what you can and cannot feed them to call them grass fed, or at least I think there is.

I am going to go into a grassfed steer co-op with my Dad, so I may very well start peddling grass fed beef of my own on the net at some point. I'll keep y'all posted, maybe even give a special T-member price...


you guys have winter ?[/quote]

I have to admit that I've never seen snow in real life yet, must see it one day!


FYI "organic" does NOT mean "grass fed"; they can still feed them organic corn to fatten them up before slaughter.

Technically you want beef that is "grass finished", that is, they never go to the feed lot. It's the feed lot that destroys the beef's fat profile, regardless of whether the corn feed is organic or not.

Also, watch out when cooking. Grass finished beef cooks up a little differently than regular beef. You'll have to change your cooking techniques accordingly.
I have ordered successfully from both Lasater Farms and Grassland Beef. Both offer cooking tips on their web sites.