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Where Can I Meet More Mature People?

Where can I meet more Mature people?

Sitting on a Dating site (I understand, of course that chance is there to find someone a little, but hope dies last). In short met with 2 guys, bit. Started these stupid requests to throw their photos. (Ordinary photo.) And I immediately lost the desire to communicate, because I immediately conclude that the person evaluates the appearance in the first place and not to assess, but straight here like trying to 200 percent to make sure that you are beautiful (by the way, I’m pretty).

I understand such requests, if on site just 1 the top photo. But in my account their pieces 5. A person can be considered. Why make this a circus? Let’s take a selfie or send in full growth. Not to say that to me looks are not important, but I don’t beg no one pictures in all positions, and are content with the fact that the person puts on the site. Tell me, why do they do it at all?

Most people meet their significant other in college. If not there, work, church, grocery store, gym,… You just never know when or where that person is for you. I met a woman I dated for a while at my insurance agents office. She worked there. I met my current wife at work. We started as friends and it grew from there.

My personal belief is that once you become satisfied (and happy) with being single that is when someone will come into your life. Confidence is very sexy (arrogance is not).


Meet and develop relationships or just get naked and bang?

A person has to examine their own motives and goals and evaluate whether or not their actions match.

Err?.. you joined this site just for this?? There’s better places on the internet for getting womens dating strategies.
-We mainly about all aspects of training and gym and for some going round and round in circles on man-issues and politics debates


They are trying to get naked photos from you

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Have you tried a retirement home. Primo aged to full maturity like a fine wine:)

  1. This is a forum full of a bunch of testosterone fueled dudes, and a few very patient and kind women. Personally… not where’d I’d go for advice.

  2. Ill bite. Every year I find everyone less relatable. Which typically boils down to immaturity. Ie. Friends doing things I have learned to not do already, and not understanding how they either haven’t learned, or choose not to care.

My idea of a perfect SO is one that will listen and give me feedback, talk shit, never Raise their voice, and know when to simply shut the fuck up and leave me alone. I found her, but you dont just find someone like that on a dating site. Or anywhere you’re looking. Itll bump into you, and itll take years to mold the relationship in a way where you’re both happy.

Also. Those dudes were just trying to get a quick lay. Either take advantage or move on.

Guys like me have problems too. SAD!


I just celebrated my second anniversary to someone I met online. He’s the loveliest, happiest thing. Online is like real life in that it’s made up of people, so most of them won’t be right for you but there’s a chance someone will be.

Something I hear ALL THE TIME from men is that pictures on dating sites are old or deceptive. I went out with a lot of men during my two brief phases of online dating and only had it happen once that I arrived at the meeting place and didn’t recognize the guy I was meeting from his photos, which had to have been 10 years old. SIGNIFICANT weight gain and had lost much of his hair. The hair itself didn’t bother me, the deception did. Even more, the guy in the pics was fit. The guy walking toward me was not.

When my husband talks about his experiences, they sound mostly like mine with the one guy. I had a woman tell me last week that she’s got a date and is worried that it won’t go well. She said she’s gained some weight, “but everyone fudges a little, you want to put your best food forward.”

Anyway, I wonder if they’re looking for some verification that you’re still who you appear in the site’s photos? Do you have dates on them? Because I liked it when men dated their pics, I had all of mine dated. I didn’t get requests for more.

They could be perverts or assholes, of course, but we often ask for pics here to verify that people are who/what they say they are. Just a thought!

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When I remind my wife about how I’ve hardly changed from 5 years ago, she very callously lies to hurt me for no reason. The guy was probably deceiving himself more than trying to deceive you

She said she’s gained some weight, “but everyone fudges a little, you want to put your best food forward.”

This is the best auto correct I have seen this year.


preferably with some sort of basketball shoe, you know, so we can verify BF%

  1. Never used a dating site, but I suspect the request fall into two categories: (1) perverts looking for wank material and (2) serious people who want to know you are actually who you say you are and not some 60 year old gay guy having fun messing the minds of good looking straight guys. Solution: have some picture of you holding up the NYT/magazine/whatever with a recent date.

  2. Regarding “more mature people”, maybe go do something where mature people do things that interest you. Church/Synagogue, 6:00 am at the gym, some sort of social organization, the VFW if you want a bar (although you need to pick a time when the recent vets are there and not dudes that were in Vietnam), young professional organizations (lawyers, doctors, engineers, there’s plenty), etc.

If you looking for Mature People, dating sites are not the way to go! Often people miss out on mature people who are right in front of there face. Like others said, people a the gym, or religious establishments. You can try also joining group of people who do things you love, like if you love photography, join a photo club, etc. …

I will say that I don’t believe people when they say that how a person looks isn’t important. You have to be first attracted to a person in order to be interested in a person. My grandfather who was with his wife for many years once said, "A person appearance is what get you there, but what keeps you there is a person personality "

I also think that if you look for bottom feeders, that is what you going to get. But if you look for repectable, resonable people, that what you will get. Sometimes it not that they have a ton of money or amazing job. They may just have a good job and they take care of themselves and care and treat the women or men in their lives with dignity and respect.

Well that’s my two cents on this subject

You might literally be the one man in the Western world who has such a partner if you reside there.

I and several people close to me met our wives and husbands on the net. Not everyone on it is simply looking to “hook up”.

Been with my GF for over 7 yrs, we met online (ok, I saw her online after meeting her randomly at a friends house)…which I heard about after a coworker told me he had met his fiance on there.

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Not saying, it can’t be found on a dating site, just saying the odds aren’t in your favor!! I have friend to who have found the other on a dating site. But in most case, it was after playing the field of idiots and pers.

Sure, but at the gym or church you’ve got what percentage of single people? Then you have to select for age group, and then weed out the idiots and pervs you’ll find there just like everywhere else. You’re left with how many prospects? And from there you have to deal with socioeconomic and habit (fit, sedentary) stuff. Dating sites make some of that easy.

It’s just one more “place” to look.

Understand your reasoning, but that assuming that the person you are talking to is truthful and completely honest!

I just had friend who have tired out some sites and it turned out bad, I mean totally different person behind the screen name wrong. So, not saying that you can’t find a person on a website, but because you don’t really know the person on the other end, the potenial to turn out bad can be there.

I find that inperson dating is better (IMHO, not saying you will agree) It allows you to get to know the person on a personal basis. Like there facial expressions, there true likes and dislikes. People can say they like something but often there body language will indicate otherwise.

It allows you ask questions to there friends and family and see there interactions. See how they treat the opposite sex. See if they can hold a conversation(meanful one). Something you really can’t see on a computer screen, or via text messages or IMing.

Regardless where you find someone you better find someone that has the same interests as you. Only women get away with trying to “change” their man.