Where can I learn proper powerlifting technique in Atlanta, GA?

I am looking for a instructor or a gym in Atlanta where I can learn good technique and form for basic powerlifts? I thought about trying it on my own (by looking at pictures and reading articles), but didn’t know if that was wise? Any ideas or insight or place to get some good coaching in Atlanta?


John Coffee coaches Olympic lifting at Gold’s Gym in Marietta. I’ve never been, but since it’s more “hard core” there are likely to be powerlifters there too. You might want to check there.

I found this on the web: www.teamsavannah.org/

This could be a good beginning resource (it contains info on the coaches, athletes and has links to other sites). Now, I know Savannah ain't too close to Atlanta, but as I said, it is a start!

Thanks Kim and Patricia! :slight_smile: