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Where Can I Improve?


Im a noob at this, i haven't started at this recently. I spend most of time trying to grow and strengthen weaker muscle, my genetics ain't really that good but born with Anaemia was the strength, for some weird reason. Plus making them appear more. All im asking is where i can improve. I was dreading after i read the other Post from other people. But meh this should make me laugh or make me work out more harder at the gym. I didn't realy keep a track of my body, i only workout because well doing 3 years non stop running and Fat Loss and then jumping to weights and slowly building to normal strength.. becomes a hobby rather than just a pain in the but and a a reason to keep healthy. But i drink loads of water. Hope that can help.

Diet - Rice/Meat/Veg
Nothing special just balancing my diet properly, 4-5 Meals a day if i can be bothered.
No creative and no type weight gain, No Drugs or anything to bulk up. But only once really which i did for a week but i really didn't have much knowledge in Weight Gain so i doubt it worked but it might have. Just Supplements such as Ginseng/Flax Seed Oil/ Acai Berries Pills and Vitamin Pills.


Still shitting it from the comments....

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This is my front

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i know where you can improve..EAT!


Where be the leg shots, yo? (also in member rules for rate my physique)


You have room for improvement in your size = More calories.


Oh yh forget to say.. I have a high metabolism but not that bad but i try to beat it. Yeah your right i think i should eat more. Thanks

Gonna eat now...


Yh i did kind of read the rules a bit late but take my word for it..

My legs are utter crap.. Freaky strength though in my legs even for me but they dont grow much ever since ive stop running..

Sorry bro


So would weight gain be a solution? or Normal eating?


Obviously you're a noob, and you are seeking help.

Post your diet and training. There's nothing wrong with meat, rice, and veggies, but it's important to know what are your total calories on workout days if we are to make any meaningful recommendations. What are your calories on non-workout days? What style of training do you do? If you're not sure, then please describe. For example, if you do 4 (sets) of 8 repetitions for chest, what is the weight you use, and what is it as a % of your 1RM?

If we have a basic understanding we can help you. You can also help yourself by reading the 1,000s Threads and articles on this site.


It's cool. It's never too late to post leg shots. But yes, posting more stats is always wonderful, so that you may be helped by skinny shits such as myself (not an attack at anyone).


From England but can't speak/write English. Awesome!


From England but can't speak/write English. Awesome!


Oh, sorry. I didn't mean for the above post to sound mean. But to answer your question, weight gainer would not be a solution. Just take the time to eat. Eat enough regular food and you will grow. But if you try to eat a bunch of your calories in weight gainer form, you will get a gut ache and wind up fat.

Do not take what I said to mean that you do not need a shake of any kind. Shakes are great to have around yoru workout time. Something like Surge will do you well. A good quality whey like Grow! Whey, plus some dextrose and maltodextrin (both can be ordered in bulk online), mix dextrose and malto together in a 1:1 ratio. Throw in some creatine from Biotest (best deal out there, i swear. don't even bother looking).


Wow! Ive got loads to learn..Sadly Thanks dude
So next time i post something on Rate My Physique i will include everything so you guys can understand more and actually rate me too. Thanks dude


What? Sorry don't seem to understand what you are on about?


Don't worry about haters man. Brush it off.


Sadly the guy is from England, so he probably can't afford the shipping cost of Biotest products.

And if you want more advice it's best to go the the beginner's forum, you can also post pictures there if you wish. The Rate My Physique forum should only be for posting great achievements (and for trolling haha).


Seriously small at 121lbs man... Good definition but then again, who doesn't have at that weight.