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Where Can I Improve?


Hi all,

Ive been browsing for a while, reading the forums and articles. Thanks t nation for a great site! Don't think I'm ready for RMP yet lol so Im posting on beginners

Just looking for a bit of feedback, where I lack and what I should focus on. Ive been working out properly for around a year now, used to be a swimmer so I guess I had an OK base to start with! I want to be more ripped, and looking to get slightly bigger.

Generally I work:

M - Legs
T - Shoulders
W - Back
T - Chest
F - Arms


Height 5' 8''
Weight around 175 lb

Not sure of my 1 rep max but at the moment, in my workouts I base it on 5x5 and I can:

DL 5x5 330lb
Bench 5x5 220 lb
Squat 5x5 300 lb








doing good so far, but too early to worry about a weakness. just keep adding muscle everywhere.


True. Looking good bro. Your quads are impressive. Just keep doing what your doing :slight_smile:


Add mass everywhere, no need to improve in a special place yet.


nit picking: lats

great work, keep it up. what you are doing seems to be working for ya. Just add muscle everywhere


Thanks for the feedback guys. I'll continue to work on overall mass!

I'm looking to get one of the weightlifting belts (one which you can put weight on). Any suggestions where I can get a decent one from and what to look out for? Thanks


go to the bfs online store or aptprostraps.com i believe it is, also u might want to try a three day split and work each muscle twice a week but less volume each session i feel that works better for adding mass


Hey - see that chinup bar you got in the door, how are you finding that? Is it good and stable or does it rock about a bit? Seems to be staying attached to the door even when not used, I thought it might have fallen down. Does it fall down? thinking of getting one. Thanks

Also, look fine to me


Doing good keep it up.



The chin up bar I've got is awesome, doesn't move at all. No drilling or anything, it attaches to the door frame and is very sturdy.

It's a 'Powerbar,' if you google it, should be able to find it...


Hope that helps. Thanks