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Where can I get the fish oil in Canada

Thanks guys, that was really good info on the fish oil brands, but I live in Saskatoon, Canada and don’t get any most recommeded brands in health stores where I live! I could order it but then it costs an arm and a leg.
I checked around and the brands around here are
are all Natural Fators/Swiss, Quest, Vitasan, Sisu, and Greens+ ‘Omega3 Triple fish’ oil.
I can’t find any good info on these products. Does anybody know if they are worthwhile.

Also, as far the Greens+ products go (they are powdered greens), does anybody use them? Are they more beneficial than fresh greens? Certainly they lack the naturally occurring enzymes and water content, but they supposedly have really nutrient content. Is it worth it?

I buy my fish oil caps from Superstore, the cheapest brand there, and they work fine. For fish oils to be good, I believe all you have to do is bite into one and if it tastes fishy, the product is fine(Believe John Berardi has said this before). You don’t need any fancy brand. I pay $5.56Cdn for a bottle of 120 fish oil caps with 300mg combined DHA/EPA per 1000mg cap. Cheers!