Where can I get Ronnie's shirt??

Where can I get this shirt!

That’s EXACTLY how I feel… (And I’m sure some of my fellow T-MEN feel the same way, heh)

BTW Anyone know the shipping cost of just one Testosterone t-shirt from the biotest store? (Having technical difficulties registering w/ the site right now…)

That’s a top T, i know i’d get a few reactions in my gym

I’m pretty sure that’s an old american bodybuilding shirt, there was another one that said “Shut up and grow” as well. It might be the blue thunder one, can’t remember b/c it’s been at least 8 years. My uncle started ABB and did all the formulations/advertising/everything else for it in the beginning until he sold it to weider somewhere around '95 or '98.

I’m pretty sure that shirt is from ABB, the Weider supplement company.

Here’s one, but it’s not the same as the one that Ronnie Coleman was wearing.