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Where Can I Get Insulin Needles?


Does anyone know how I could get a bunch of Insulin Needles? I looked on the internet and just find distributors for hospitals and clinics. Any links or ideas would be well appreciated. Oh, and I'm not diabetic, so I can't just walk up and ask for some.


Ummmm, any pharmacy. My son is diabetic, we get ours at Walgreens. I've only had to sign for them like twice in two years. Just go ask for what you want, and be normal. Sometimes diabetics are traveling from "out of town" and need to buy more stuff.


Depends on where you live. In some states you can absolutely buy them over the counter. In other states, you can take advantage of needle exchange programs. In other states, you need to go to a site that sells diabetic supplies, like carecenter or whatever. You must not have looked very hard.



Cool man, thanks.


You do know that diabetic needles are too thin for the oil-based solutions most AAS are suspended in, right?


you can get slin pins anywhere bro!


There not too thin, they just take longer to inject.


If you're using it for gear just get a decent 23 gauge on the internet, you can buy them like...ANYWHERE.

A birdy told me Terumo makes quality needles.


If it is oil based you want to get it deep in the muscle. I would not trust a 1.5" long poker with too thin of ga. 22ga. is good but, suit yourself.