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Where Can I Get a Cheap Singlet?

Most of the ones I’ve found are in the $40-$60 range plus shipping. Anybody know where I can get cheaper than this? Designs don’t matter too much since I’ll probably ust get plain black.

get the metal bench singlet off of elitefts.

Try E-bay or http://www.powerliftingwatch.com/classified-ads


** Sarcasm warning** Since your search engine has obviously failed, let me offer this garment for your lifting pleasure. It’s “cheap” too at $16! Think about the positives of this piece, NO ONE will be able to question your squat depth with this as it clearly shows your hip crease. No one will be able to say that that singlet offered any support either just in case you are one of those raw only guys…lol


Seriously tho, Wrestling singlets can be found at sport Authority and places like that. They generally run $20 or so and of course the internet is full of them too. You should have no problems finding what you want. If I were you I’d buy a Metal singlet or a APT singlet. Both will last a long time and aren’t really priced higher than a good wrestling singlet.

^It’s a very nice, I like!

Thanks guys. I definitely like the way the metal one looks, not that it really matters that much haha.

Get an Inzer. I have one and I think it was $30+shipping (it’s cheaper without the logo). It’s made out of a nice fabric. Some singlets are made out of a spandex material, If you like that fine, but it’s not for me.

I would be wary of ordering directly from Inzer. Most people have a 3 month+ wait for their gear. Their customer service is very subpar. The products are great; I just suggest ordering from another vendor.

I ordered my singlet from Inzer and a pair of wraps and got it in a matter of days.


[quote]atypical1 wrote:
I ordered my singlet from Inzer and a pair of wraps and got it in a matter of days.


Had similar shipping times with my singlet. Also, I had to return a singlet because it was too small and their customer service wasn’t bad. They even waived a restocking charge for me and possibly didn’t charge me for the shipping second time round.

I ended up going with an inzer singlet w/o the logo. Thanks guys.