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Where Can I Find Used Weight Sets?


Where would I be able to find used gym equipment? Anyone here do this?

I've been looking through my town's community pages, (advertise to sell stuff), but so far found nothing.


Call a gym, they may have an angle on used equipment. Im in ontario too and so far I have found nothing really second hand to put in my gym. But I bought a Powertech rack and a set of olympic wieghts for about 400 bucks, came with 300lbs and striaght bar, From there buy another set of olympic plates but swap the striaght bar for ezcurl bar and a Mulitpurpose bench.

After that save your money and get the pulling attachment and you will be all set! Oh ya the dumbells, they are a little more costly, the cheap way is to buy york 10lbs plates and to dumbell spin lock bars. Its a pain in the ass but for a little over a grand you have a pretty well equiped Fitness facility in your home!
Good Luck


I was thinking:

  1. Multipurose Bench.

  2. PowerRack (preferrably bar for pullups)

  3. Weight plates.

  4. Barbell (can also be used as rowing variation by shoving one end in the corner of the room...)

Are dumbells really that necessary? If you have a barbell...

Does this seem like a complete gym solution?


For me Dumbells are a must have, So many more excersises you can do with the Dumbells and a bench!


Hey, if you don't even know how important DBs are to you, it's probably a good idea to buy a 300# barbell set before anything else. That way you have all the equipment you need to get in the habit of lifting.

After you make sure it's something you want to stick with, then shell out the rest of the money for everything else.

And yes, DBs are helpful, but no, they're not essential.

As they say everywhere else on the site: pick up heavy stuff, eat, and sleep. Don't overthink or overplan unless you are also actively working out. This is not a mental game.

And check craig's list.


Thanks. And I don't consider DBs essential either. If I can get them for cheap after all the other stuff, then ok. Otherwise I'm not wasting money on them.




eBay might be good, a lot of people sell their stuff on there, not just people but gyms too. Like a big garage sale. Also retailers sell stuff there but obviously at higher prices.

If lucky you might find some pickings in your local area, and probably you will need to pick up the stuff.

See, lots of people buy the stuff and hope to use it and then give it up because they is quitters. Especially around this time of year .. new years resolution, xmas presents ... couple of months, want the cash and the space freed up in the house.


As others have said: Craig's List:


That's for Toronto, it looks like there's a couple of weight-sets for sale there right now.

You'll file lots of people selling a weight-bench + Bar + Weights on craigslist, though not as many selling a good power-rack.

Double-check what type of weights they are selling, many don't list (or know) whether they are standard or Olympic. Besides that, weight plates are a great thing to buy used. It's kinda hard to break a 1-inch thick cast-iron plate.

Craigslist also lists garage-sales for each city, so that can be another good resource for you.


It looks like it will take awhile to find that diamond in the rough.

"I have a solid pipe that serves as a barbell and 40 lbs of plastic weights."


Yeah, it's a rather mixed bag. For a free service, tho, it's not a bad way to find gear. I usually check ever couple days if there's anything worth buying. The bigger the city you're in, the better the pickings are. The Los Angeles page usually has 4-5 good weight benches + weights posted each day.