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Where can I find this book by Ian King

I can’t seem to find “How To Write Strength Training Programs” by Ian King anywhere, where do you guys purchase your copies and what does it go into as far as training, nutrition, etc…goes I already own Get Buffed.

Try kingsports.net

You buy it from him. He has a website and I believe he sells his products out of both America and Australia. His company is “King Sports International”. A quick websearch will take you to his homepage.

Go to Ian King’s home. Knock on the door. Introduce yourself as Ian King’s dad. Then say, “Ian I am your father.” Use James Earl Jones’ voice for effect. You might want to wear a pressure sealed black mask. Then use the force to extract a book from Ian King. Any questions?

There are some guidelines on T-mag somewhere for taking ZMA if you have a meal right before bed. I think the recommendation is something along the lines of take it 1 hour before that pre-bed meal. I don’t know where the reference is, so I may be remembering wrong.

never mind i found it…you dudes are no help its at kingssports.net