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Where Can I Find a Total Body 5x5 Strength Program?


i have searched for a 5x5 total body program and i havent found anything. i read some posts about bill starrs 5x5 being good but i can find that one either?


Bill Star's 5x5


any others




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http://lmgtfy.com my new favorite website.

OP - Chad Waterbury has a 5x5 program

here is one article:


Read the strongest shall survive by Bill Star.


Optimized Volume Training by CT. It is German Volumne Training using 5 x 5 instead of 10 x 10. Besure to up your calories.


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-bi's: curls 5x5
-tri's: pushdowns 5x5
-abs: crunches 5x5
-chest: bench press 5x5

Wednesday: Same as Monday

Friday: Same as Wednesday, except add 5 other bicep and chest moves as well.

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Can thy servant do anything else for thee?




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