Where Can I Find a Program?

Just got Olympic squat rack, picking up bar and 6X45 pounds plates.

Due to gyms closing but trying to maintain as much cash as possible, this what under 1k in Canada will get you. Also resistance band!

Where would I fond a decent program to increase my big three or should on take this time
And do high volume low weight?

Not to be an asshole, but certainly you can find a program here:

Whether or not you can increase your big three with 6x45+bar depends on your current strength level.

Do you have a bench or is it rack, bar and weights only?


If you can bench 315x10 squat 315x20 and deadlift 315x30, try to add ten reps to each of those. If you can’t, try and get there. That’ll add strength to them.


Sorry was driving a hour and half to grab a barbell now just sourcing weights.

I don’t have a bench yet but that’s next. I’m not willing to over pay so I’m finding the diamonds in the rough.

@Voxel be a dick I really don’t mind, I posted on the internet asking something I thought Of medicated before processing the task and doing it myself. I will use the search function, cheers bro!

@oldbeancam I was thinking volume too, adding rows and floor press etc for accessories.

Look at Dan John’s stuff. He’s got a lot of pretty simple workouts, and I remember in one article he mentioned at one point in his training he didn’t have access to smaller plates, just 25’s and 45’s, which kinda forced you to get strong.

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A pre written programme wont exist for these exact list of constraints.
Also how strong are you at the moment?

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You could conceivably run this, and maybe exchange bench pressing with a floor press:

Go to lift vault (Google it).
In the drop down, go to Program and Spreadsheets
Then go to Powerlifting Programs
Browse there for something you like
If the author makes money by selling the program, buy the program.


@carlbm uh current total should be around 1300 pounds. 500-550 dead 330+ bench and 400-500 squat. I havnt maxed in a long time just been doing volume basically.

@Voxel I will check that out thanks friend! Working on a bench press today.

@strongmangoals will check out and have no problem supporting a author to the program much appreciated

Yeah I was gonna say it depends of your strength. Considering you are stronger than your weights, you could look to a powerlifting program based on volume, or even try something else like a powerbuilding one or even a pure hypertrophy one

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You should check out some programs based on multiple sets of low but powerful reps. Stuff like CAT, or programs based around using 60-70%.

I can’t link to other sites, but if you search for “Sam Byrd CAT Squat” you should find an article about former world record holder Sam Byrd training with 60% for 5 x 5 and getting big results.

Reed who posted here trained with Byrd. In this thread he talks about CAT squatting with front squats for " heavy" work. Post #21.

Post #2768 in this log lays out a nice 16 week deadlift cycle from Mark using similar percentages.

Tasty Nate talks about his pretty slick system starting at post #21 in here.


The problem here is you have essentially have 4 fixed weight bars.

45lb, 135, 225, 315.

And your max squat and max dead lift are well over this.

I’d be tempted to do a simple double progression model on upper body. For example; load 135 on the bar and press until I couldn’t any more. Move to 225 when I thought I could get 5 reps or more.
Supplement with floor press, front lat rises triceps extensions etc.

But the the reps will be too high on the lower body exercises.

However I have roughly the same lower body lifts and I’ve found a max effort front squat with a 20 rep+ back squat set is yielding great results. Lunges and RDL make the rest of leg day.

It’s not perfect having to make 90lb jumps in your lifts but it’s not unmanageable.


20 rep squats are a great thing to program in occasionally, but personally I have always felt that the main effect is a bit of an increase in anaerobic capacity.
You can always play with rest periods between sets as well as rep ranges vs number of sets. Like 45 second rest periods for a few weeks and then 30 second. A lot of triples or sets of 5 varying with the rest period decision. There are a lot of options within your limitations.

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I ended up talking to my a life long buddy who is a trainer out of work, he will tailor me a program to improve nutrition and work capacity.

i have 8 plates total so 360 give or take total weight and i bought resistance bands for accessories.

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When I was buying plates the 45s were hard to get used but 35,25,10,5,2.5 plates were easy. If you can get a 2x35, 2x25, 4x10, 2x5,2x2.5 on top
Of what you have you’ll be run most any program you find given your strength isn’t way over that total.

As far as programs, are you wanting a program that ends with a peak? Or something you can run over and over?

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i actually got them made at a machine shop. i need to buy a weight scale to validate the exact weight but was told due to dimensions theyre 45lbs.

im regretting not getting some 25’s but next time i will, this will do for now.
For program i want to run something to improve work capacity and overall strength.


As I think someone else may have suggested, Dan John’s Mass Made Simple might be a good option here. It involves a lot of ultra-high rep squatting combined with complexes for the entire body, as well as days for developing max strength. I have tho think this would do a great deal to increase your work capacity.

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Did you have a keg party last night?

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Those are some sweet lookin discs, honestly.


@FlatsFarmer not last night, those were from beer pong! Priorities have changed since being here. Lots of fun has been had though.

@hardartery I like the way they came out but want to know exact weight.

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