Where Can I Find a Huge Ass Tire?

I need a 400-500 lb tire for strongman. Someone suggested I call up local tire shops but would they have a tire this big? The tire shops that I’ve seen only have tires for cars. If anyone has any idea where i can find a tractor tire without the internet, I would really appreciate it.

Go to a farm and ask for a tractor tire.


I remember I read something that Ross Enamait put on his site about picking up a tire.

Go to http://yp.yahoo.com/ then go to Automotive, then Tires. After putting your zip code in, look through all those listed and try to find the ones that might be more geared towards truck/tractor tires. If you can’t find any, call some of the regular tire shops and see if they can direct you to someplace that would have the big tires. Kind of a annoying process, I’m in it myself. You just have to make a lot of calls. You shouldn’t have to pay a thing for it, by the way, they like to get rid of uses tires.

Also, if you don’t have a pick-up truck or a friend with one, you might need to rent a truck from Home Depot to pick it up. I believe it’s like $20 for 75 minutes.

If you know of any scrap piles and junk yards in your area, look at those too.

Where are you located? It costs money to dispose of worn tractor tires. I would not pay for one. My friend got one from Ag-Power in McKinney, Texas, that they had laying around.

Tractor dealership

I found several places by this easy method:

Get a phonebook
Look up Tires
Call every single number there
Someone will have them, will be getting them, or will know where you can get them, I promise.

500lbs is not a huge ass tire.


Happy hunting.

It’s huge if you way 150lbs

No it’s not.

Speaking of tires –

I’m looking for a 800-900 pound tire. I have a ~650 tire I would gladly trade. I doubt I’ll get any responses on here, but if anyone in the Milwaukee/Chicago/surrounding areas has one they want to part with, I’m definitely interested.

Post a want ad on Craigslist. Why do all the work yourself when you can let someone else offer to virtually or even literally give it away to you?