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Where Can I Find A Chin Belt?


im not sure what theyre called, but the belts you use to add weights for weighted dips and weighted chin ups. what are they called and where can you get em?


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ironmind has a good one, and Piedmont(sp?) designs has one that belts on so that changing wieghts is a lot easier. I have one of these, the guys at PDA are great to deal with.


They are sold as dipping belts. Of course 5' of rope would do the trick too, and cost SFA of the price of a dipping belt.


dip belt at

Also www.amazon.com has them.

Or you could use a bookbag and put weights in it.


Go to amazon.com and search for dipping belt.
You'll get 8 results with pictures and pricing ranging from a little over $20 to around $40.

I believe shipping is free over $25

Valuesport.com also has one on sale for $19.95 but I do not know ho much shipping is.



Did you look behind the couch?


I'll personally recomment the Grizzly Leather Dipping belt.

But I'm sure there are many others that will work just as well.




I've this urge to add:

Dude, if your pants go all the way up to your chin ...


bring a backpack and put the weights in it... genius!


I've been using the Grizzley Fabric belt and it works great.


I made my own chinning and dipping belt for 12 dollars, but it's getting hard to get all those plates between my legs. I like this idea with a backpack.


The best way to attach weight to the belt is with a dumbbell. Use chain and caribiner to link belt and chain.