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Where Can I Find a Bulk Diet?


I tried searching but nothing really popped up, maybe I didn't do it right... I'm 155 pounds 6'1, I'm starting WS4SB this week, but need to get my diet in check.

I would like a clean bulk I know you guys aren't too big on clean bulks though. I need something with a lot of calories, with the recommended protein, carbs, etc... I know you guys arent gonna type me something up, I just wanted to know if theres a section, or a link, or if you had luck with something you can maybe copy and paste it here?

I need about 4k calories to start out, I can't eat sugar it causes acne, when I stop eating sugar I have zero acne, so I literally have 0 sugar besides natural, is that good or bad? Meaning I dont drink milk since that bothers me too, it sucks, i love the taste!

Sorry if I sound lazy guys I just want to get started today and go to the grocery store, moneys not really an issue for me I just need to put weight on this anorexic body :wink:

Thx a bunch guys I truly appreciate any help/feedback!


What's so hard about increasing the quantities of what you're currently eating to get the calories you need?

For example, if you're currently consuming a 2,000 calorie diet, simply double what you're eating.


Meal 1
6oz cooked Top round steak
8oz cooked Brown Rice

Meal 2
6oz cooked Top round steak
8oz cooked Brown Rice

Meal 3
6oz cooked Top round steak
8oz cooked Brown Rice

Meal 4
6oz cooked Top round steak
8oz cooked Brown Rice

Meal 5
6oz cooked Top round steak
8oz cooked Brown Rice

Meal 6
6oz cooked Top round steak
8oz cooked Brown Rice


Yeah makes sense but I eat a bagel sandwhich in the morning, eat out somewhere for lunch, dinner have some chieken and sides... really not a good diet, I dont even get veggies or fruits, let alone enough calories, Not only I need to get my diet in check to gain weight, but i'm not eating healthy at all.


Get a nutrition book or article. Follow it.


Not sure why you would say "I know you guys aren't too big on clean bulks..." You probably have more combined practical knowledge on this site than most any other.

You are probably getting the acne from sugar/dairy from the insulin response in your body. Other issues needed to be addressed there, although not eating the cause is a good start.

Protein pulse in the a.m. before your first meal - 20g from MAG10 then 15 mins later eat a big breakfast. 8-10oz beef with 3 eggs. Add some steamed veggies and good fats like olive oil, EV coconut oil, high quality fish oil, nuts. Right there is a great start to your day with 100g protein and healthy fats. When you get hungry again, have 10oz baked or pan seared fish, some sort of healthy starch like a sweet potato, more steamed veggies, more fats but not as much as first meal.
After that digests (2hrs) train and train hard using the basic lifts: Presses, squats, deadlift, power movements. Don't worry about training your concentration curls or triceps pushdowns until you gain some weight. Just get stronger.
Make sure you nail your peri-workout nutrition.
1 hr after gym have another meal like meal #2. Before bed have a snack and you're done. 4,000 calories with healthy fats, carbs and ample protein. If you are training hard enough you will grow.

How do I know this? I used to be 6' 1" 155 lbs too...


In that case, simply start by changing the things that you know should be changed.

Developing a good nutrition plan doesn't usually happen in one step. You need to start with the obvious things and fine tune as you go to continually progress.

Btw, I still don't see what's so hard about increasing your quantities where possible. For example, start having 2 bagel sandwiches for breakfast.

If you're concerned about not eating enough fruits and vegetables, start eating them. This isn't rocket science.