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Where Can I Buy a Weighted Sled?


Im not sure what the proper name for it is...when training for foot ball, many players use it while they do sprints. Im going to be in Basic training by the end of the year and just trying to condition for it. Just curious about where i can find one to buy......


elitfts.com or PM redsol1


You could go to your local tire center, grab one of their old junk tires for free, drill and put an eye bolt thru the tread, tie a rope to it, and you have one for about 10 bucks. If you want to add weight to it, you can either fill it with cement, or duct tape plates on top.

Works for me.


I went the tire route. I built a wooden platform inside the tire. My son and daughter enjoy tire rides around the neighborhood or I stack plates on the platform (yes, my wife hides inside when I bring out the tire!!)





You can also buy one from brutestrength.com. Their sleds are way less expensive the those at Elite. I bought one for my sons. Outside of the fact that it took a hell of a long time for it to ship-like more than 2 months!!!-they have been satisfied with it. I mean how can you go wrong with this kind of basic equipment.

By the way we also used the old tire with a wooden platform inside before buying the sled. That worked well too, but was a little harder to transport to the park.

Bottomline is sled pulling is a hellafied workout, especially for young developing athletes.

Good luck.


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The main reason I have stayed with the tire sled is if you drag it down the street at 5 in the morning, it doesn't tend to wake the neighbors. Although, it does seem to wake all of the dogs, which start barking... :wink: