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Where can A Girl Go ??

Are there any sights or forums out there (like this one), that pertain specifically to women ??

I can understand the need for comraderie, but the information you can find in this forum is second to none, and there are other women here as well.

You don’t need a seperate forum. Just about all the information around here pertains to both sexes. There are also quite a few knowledgeable women around here. Do not go onto some foo-foo womens’ forum as I would not trust their advice.

Oh yeah, read this: www.testosterone.net/nation_articles/199vixen.html

Thanks for all your help, I know this site and everything in it is very helpful, but I have been getting harrassed when “the guy’s” see me reading “TESTOSTERONE” You know us girls ! we need pretty and pink !

Tell the to go screw themselves. Your just trying learn more for yourself. This is a great site for both men and women.

Nope, no pink here, it’s just not my thing.

Don't go anywhere else, they'll tell you that if you lift weights you'll get 'too big'. And that 1000 grams of carbs a day is healthy. And that more than 20 grams of protein will put to much strain on your kidneys. And that women have to do different pushups because of their build. And the 'Special K' diet is good for you...

All from 'women's forums'

Stay here, there is much less shit to wade through.

fk being pretty, fk wearing pink
we don’t give a damn what skinny men think
they think a woman up on t will make THEIR ball sacks shrink
but they’re not on your level, not even hormonally
they’re just wasting space and should give their testosterone to me

they had to name it something manly like “testosterone”, how else were they going to get men to stop and ask directions? (just kidding, everyone!)

seriously, hon, there are plenty of women here on this forum, all using the opportunity (and the intellectual freedom) to gain as much information about proper nutrition, up-to-date weight resistance, and total health and fitness as we possibly can. don’t EVER be ashamed of being interested in the same things men are interested in… and don’t EVER be ashamed of your ability to absorb it in the same form. women (as a category) don’t need soild, good information to be wrapped in a pretty package for it to be palatable (or more accurately, more acceptable to the haters hanging over our shoulders). f**k them, you’re on your own mission of empowerment and part of that is harnessing the information that previously was only enjoyed by men.

T-Forum is by far the best place to ask questions, express opinions or concerns, and learn about over-all health and fitness, regardless of which gender is listening or which gender is talking. we want you to have the best information and participate in active discussion right here… don’t leave us for an inferior source because some sissy boys pushed the right buttons.

i, for one, love to be “pretty” but i do that on my own time… when i pick up t-mag, i’ve got my game face on and my game face doesn’t recognize punks! my game face helps me absorb info like a good little girlie sponge should…

(if you have any more problems with ignorant people, they can call me. i’ve got lots of big vocabulary words that will describe their lack of manly attributes in very “pretty” and/or “pink” terms)

one luv.


Actually, I do go to other T/N forums and the women there do not encourage the usual BS of “girls do this; men do this”. Thank god. And, I am woman that scourns the site of pink. AND it’s been years since I was a girl.

Fact is this: training/diet is geared specifically for the individual; not gender. T-Mag is the best site on the web, right now for ANYONE. Not only do I read Testosterone magazine, I wear the shirts.


If you don’t want a big Testosterone logo on your computer screen, just turn off the “show picture” option for your Internet Explorer/Netscape.

Guys here are very nice, and I enjoy their discussions. (I tend to read more than I reply....or just drop out of sight for a while when I'm busy).

Pink BTW is a nasty color.

Not trying to sound like a plug for T-Mag, but lucky you, you’ve found the best site on the internet for T-Bro or T-Sis, bar none. The info found here is the best, most bull free, stuff out there and guess what! Its all free!!

Hang around you’ll meet some very smart, fun and snob free people. Some of them female. Give a shout for Patricia, ~Karma~, Michelle, or Trish to name a few. Guess what, most of the Men of T that I know would be proud to find that you are on this site. Later - Lowell Wayne

Can always use another T-vixen around here.

Oh, and it seems to me like you need to meet some new guys… Just a thought.

I think Oprah has a fitness site now. NOT!
Seriously, this site will give you the low-down on everything you will ever need. We have some of the most knowledgable people around right here on this forum. Male or female, this is the place to be. Welcome!

www.E-mag.com …sorry i had to.

High-T chicks (in spirit, that is… not actual count!:slight_smile: kick ass.

Well Thank You everyone !! I feel so loved, and I agree that the information in this site is the best !