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Where Are You Buying Your HCG?

I’ve been to three different pharmacies, including one compounding, here in DC over the past couple weeks and haven’t been able to find a place that offers it at a reasonable price and/or can’t tell me if my insurance will cover it. I’m tempted to go the ADC route, but I’d rather get it locally if I can due to their high shipping costs.

Do you guys know if any national pharmacies are carrying it, or what?

i use to get mine from CVS, but my insurance didn’t cover it, and it was… $150? I think for a 10,000iu Novalus (or something close to that) bottle… but this is all pulled from my foggy memory.

FFS that is pricey. CVS is a huge rip off anyway.

Was it unconstituted and do-it-yourself? At 500 iu/week, 10k iu would last 20 weeks, which is longer than the shelf life of reconstituted hcg. Did you just throw it out after the shelf life, or what?

Same here Balla; my insurance doesn’t cover HCG. I’m paying in the same price range for 10k i.u. unconstituted as PC from a local compounding pharmacy here in Jersey. My Dr. just recently hooked me up with a mail order pharmacy in Florida. I’ve already received some stuff much cheaper (same pharmacuetical grade as local), I’m hoping the same will be true for the HCG.

yeah shelf life was always a concern of mine, but at $50 a month, I couldn’t really afford to just throw it out after 6 weeks. I was typically doing 1,000iu divided weekly. so it lasted 10 weeks.

My insurance initially covered it from a local CVS, but after a couple of refills stated that I had to get it mail order (since my insurance considers it fertility med). My copay is only $5 for the generic, but to buy it outright it is in the order of $100 or so. Luckily, they cover it through the mail, otherwise I would be seeking other means. I generally use just about most of a vial up before I throw it out. I know it starts getting sketchy after 6 weeks in the fridge - it will start to leave a lump.

What is ADC?