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Where are the legs

Ok I know I should not be comparing people in the gym. But to day I am doing squats and I see this dude, ok upperbody freaky. But then he has these cut off jean shorts, and its like he borrowed his little brothers legs to walk on. Ok for one why don’t people train there legs that much. Ok I don’t meen anyone in here I’ve seen the photos. But these idiots at my gym, and not only that why were shorts if you don’ ever train legs. Ok sorry I just had to go off on this. Oh yeah don’t they know all the fun they are missing by not squatting.


The thighs (Legs are not the entire lower body) require hard work.

They don’t train legs because they are idiots afraid of hard work. Its stupid. Any athlete in high school sports even knows the importance of legs. THEY are your base of power and leverage. These are usually dorks who never played organized sports and again…who are afraid of hard work…Period!!!

I saw a guy merrily rowing 325 for many reps the other day; I am convinced he could have pulled off a 405 row. Anyways, his legs, as you probably have already guessed, looked as built as a pre-pubescent gymnist.

Legs are too hard(bunch of sissies). Plus you don’t see them on the beach as much as chest and arms.

Actually I wouldn’t say its because legs are “too hard.” In my opinion any guy with an amazing upper body has likely put in a ton of work and probably has the nuts to get a nice lower body too.

Its actually a matter of what people are interested in/thinking about. For whatever reason, a lot of guys fixate on biceps, abs, chest, etc, that is, the “beach muscles” at the expense of all others. What they don’t understand is that an awesome upper body on worthless legs looks silly. What they also don’t understand is that building the legs and glutes will help enormously in their upper body endeavors as well.

So I’d say this is mostly a matter of someone being uninformed.

These people are not sissies – it takes a big set of nuts to put in the time and work required to get an awesome upper bod - they just don’t realize how important the legs are to the overall picture.

Well you may say they are not sissies, but ask most and the will say they hat squats they hurt too much. OK and also must people when they see you ask how much do ya bench? not squat. and as far as beach muscle, you still wear shorts at the beach, and unless you are in waist deep water it looks silly to walk around on tooth pics.

oh yeah and jb, how many people do you see work calves and not thighs? My guess is if they don’t do one it is nothing at all

Legs being too hard is part of it. But girls not appreciating a guy’s legs is another part of it. A guy can get away with hiding his legs all year long. If women, on average, started caring more about a guy’s legs, you’d see more guys doing legs.

Just like with girls. They’re (non-T-girls) always in the gym working out their legs, because guys (average, non-T-guys) never say, “Damn, look at the shoulders on her!”

I guess I’m “Blessed” with big legs.

I’ve met a few chicks very impressed by big legs.


So are you saying that curls and bench presses are just as hard as squats and deadlifts? To me, they don’t even compare. I can do 20 sets for arms and still have a little energy left over. But if I do 6 sets of squats, then I’m just about dead.

I love what Christian has to say about people who say their legs are big to bgein with so they don’t work them. reminds me of the manager of the gym I go to. When I first signed up he told me he never works legs. He pointed at them and said “look at these things. They’re huge. I don’t work them because I don’t want them to get any bigger.” One day I saw him in shorts and I almost choked. Skinny lower legs, thick thighs, but completely undeveloped, just naturally big. They looked awful.

Some of us don?t work legs much because we can?t. I have Ostioarthritis and my knees are bone on bone, I load up on anti-inflammatories and wrap as tight as I can but still if I can take 2 sets at 225 I am doing real well. Bottom line, my legs are not now nor will they ever be up to snuff. Knee replacement, (what the doctor is recommending) while reducing the pain level would make it impossible to squat at all so what is a guy to do.

This seems like a late rebuttal to my arm post.