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Where are the hips

Androgeny sucks.

I fear this is what we are approaching.
Most of the chicks I see nowadays have no hips. Hell, my hips are wider. (thanks to sqauts, yay freking dangit)

Looking at most men (not in the same way as the chicks obviously) the shoulders are gone.

Remeber what we were taught in anatomy. Women are centered across the waist, men across the chest and shoulders. Remeber trying to bend over and pick of the chair?
Yet scrawny women, and wussy men are all i see.

I for one am turned on by hips. When a chicks hips stick out farther then the rest of her, that gets me going. When a man comes through the door, and his shoulders hang over his waist, he commands respect. Why are we approching block bodies?

you mean it doesnt turn you on when you see all these chicks going around with hip hugger pants on, and their guts sticking out farther than their hips?

For what ever reason, no it doesn’t. I guess no one updated my sex drive to the new age.

Come on man…the androgeny trend in women is fiiiiiine.

You surely have noticed that these women are usually ectomorphs and/or have more testosterone, which is very good. Personnally, I prefer a woman who falls more on the T-side than the Estrogen (tee-hee, giggly, emotional, pot-pourri, poor me, help me, save me, gimme gimme gimme, bimbo) side.

Maybe wide hips was all the rage before, but nowadays it guarantees nothing.

Look at babes like Shania Twain and all other ectomorphs who had children. You surely have seen some in your life. 1) Obviously, their ecto side does not affect their childbearing abilities at all. 2) In most cases, within 2 months, they are back to their ‘before’ looks, body-fat wise. 3) The child has obviously good chances of winding up like the mother - which, in this ‘thinness and image are power’ era, is never a disadvantage.

Other advantages: Higher endurance (aerobic). Usually strong too (neurally advantaged). Often look younger too (probably related to higher oxygen tolerance, therefore less free-radical damage with each passing year).

Only downside for us men is that these women usually have smaller breasts. But that depends on what you like. And that’s nothing the surgeon can’t correct, should that be an issue.

Anyway, who would complain of being like this ? Having to fight (eat tons) to gain lean body mass? Being a mesomorph, I’d like to have that kind of challenge. LOL.

Ectos are a small portion of the population. The more the better. =0)

Don’t get me wrong, I love all kinds, but I do believe my feelings are most accurately stated by Sir Mix-a-lot.

Nothing better than a fat ass (especially if she works out)

Agreed. The 12 year old boy look that Dan C advocates above is just wrong. I need curves.

Amen to a fat ass and hips when she works out. I work at a Navy base and there are both spectrums, hip huggers with guts and love handles sticking out or hips and ass that makes you scratch your head on how they were able to put them on.

I love me a fit woman with curves, give a NY accent and I’m in heaven!

Dude, you should come to live in Israel

Every girl here (that dosent do snow) is huge assed.

we feed them good here.

So where are all these men that love hips? All I’ve got down here in highschool/college land are the abercrombie models and their anorexic fantasies!! :wink:
The Elfling

I’d call myself a hip man too. That’s probably the first thing that I look at on a woman. Britney Spears’s hips are a good example.

One thing I love is when a girl lays on her side, and the hip not on the ground/bed/backseat of my car is sticking out twice as much. Women worry about their hips too much.

Call me a hip/butt man!! Actually, it’s that inverted heart shape from the back that just drives me wild.

Hmm. I guess “snow” is big in Isreal?

DOOGIE: Wrong call! Never said about unhealthy fat levels or anything ressembling a guy. Look at the picture.

Here’s what I mean by an ecto woman: curves at the right places, not a bag of bones, some place left for more muscle.

A picture is worth a thousand words, eh?

Full size available at:


Are those her breasts?

Jared NFS: Shania’s breasts: No idea. Photoshoot (other photos on the same site) looks awfully real. Nice and pleasant discovery. Maybe that’s why she keeps them ‘secret’. Just gotta respect women who don’t show it all off. =0)

Another ecto babe (Elizabeth Hurley):

OK. Last one for my ecto ‘demonstration’ of preferences: Tyra Banks (this picture is a wee bit wider at the hips, still more ectomorph than mesomorph). I rest my case. You get the idea. =0)

Nope nope nope. You still dont have me won over. hips and ass are what i want on my plate.

Tyra has plenty of ass now that she quit modeling and those hips are none too shabby. She definitely doesn’t get confused for a little boy.