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Where Are the Girls from Backpage Now?

where did the escorts etc go to now???ugh

Just search escorts on google wherever you live etc and I’m sure it’ll come up

Backpage was shut down for good reason. The escorts subsection of backpage was frequently used to peddle teenage prostitutes aged 12-17 and younger. Sex slavery, pedophelia and child pornography was rampant on the website. Many girls were kidnapped, forcibly given addictive drugs such as heroin, coke etc and then had to have sex in order to keep receiving the drugs. Some of these girls were raped upwards of 20 times per day

You can do some research into this or watch the documentary I am Jane Doe. To find escorts it isn’t very difficult, many websites offer escorts in the US despite the fact that prostitution is illegal in many states. Alternatively one could go to a country where prostitution is legal (such as Australia), or you can find a partner to have sexual intercourse with. Thankfully the FBI seized backpage and all affiliates on April 6th 2018. It actually seems the creators of backpage were aware of what was going on yet did nothing to stop it/ didn’t care. Conspiracies exist claiming that the creators of the site were actually involved in pimping out underaged girls! It makes me really upset to think there are girls out there who have their innocence shattered in such a horrible way and have to endure such pain and degredation day after day

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bro really??? yes there probably were underage girls there and thats fuckin nasty. but most of the gals were adults and i think adults shouold be allowed to do as they please as long as it doesnt hurt others. if BP was aware of illegal activity then by all means they should go to jail…

Yes there were many regular escorts, which there is nothing wrong with, however backpage was literally a savehaven for pedophiles. One could go onto the escorts part of the site and certain key terms could be typed in to find underage girls, and there were a LOT of them on backpage.

Originally backpage denied claims that they were engaged with child prostitution and claimed attempting to remove advertisements involved with underage girls or sex trafficking. However prior moderators of the site came through stating they were told to simply change key terms on underage girls and keep the advertisements up… The national center for missing and exploited children determined the efforts of backpage to report underage prostitution were woefully inadequate with things being apparent such as the fact

  • Backpage didn’t report when an account attemped putting up a child for sex
  • Backpage didn’t respond to parental complaints
  • Backpage GUIDES traffickers into creating underage advertisements (this was true, if one looked at the guidelines on backpage it had a specific set of rules and words that were and weren’t allowed, allowing people pimping out young girls to get by via different keywords that weren’t "not allowed’ but made it evident the girls were underage.
  • credit card payments were removed on the escorts section of the website, allowing only bitcoin to be used for paying (untraceable)

Recently (as in April) it was discovered backpage actually was aware of the prostitution of minors and knowingly facilitated it… the money backpage made over the past decade or so (which was mostly via the escorts page)

Recently Carl Ferrer (CEO) of backpage actually pleaded guilty to money laundering and sex trafficking charges, so did the company back page. They made a majority of revenue on the escorts section. If you read some of the stories on the child prostitution from backpage it is shocking, twisted and absolutely vile, like something you’d see in the film “a serbian film”. The reason I believe the creators allowed this to keep going on was likely due to the ridiculous amount of cash they were raking in.

Other websites advertising escorts (of which there are many) will (hopefully) remove advertisements for children…

That’s a real quick way you just glossed over (child) sexual exploitation in the interests of defending your preferred method of discovering hookers… I mean, as long as you get yours, right?

(EDIT: I have no idea why this showed up in my Recent column. Looks like I’ve just dragged up some three month old shit)

And, by the way, the post was about where did they go.

It was not about the moral and ethical implications of engaging in the oldest profession in the world.

Just saying.