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Where Are Phoenix/Chandler AZ People Training?


I live in SE Phoenix, I guess the Chandler/Tempe area, and I'm having a really difficult time finding a good place to train. All the commercial gyms are nearly worthless, the decent Crossfit places don't have open hours, the college gyms suck, and the sports strength and conditioning places are all completely private.

I've done hours of research online trying to find somewhere, but it's almost like there simply isn't a good place with open hours in this area. I'm not looking for anything too specific, just a gym with barbells, power racks, bumpers, Prowlers, tires, kettlebells, and similar things.

Just somewhere a normal guy can train effectively. Hell it doesn't even have to be a "hardcore" place, if I could find a commercial gym with some of this stuff tucked in the corner I'd be completely happy.

I know there's gotta be somewhere that I'm overlooking, since I know there's more than just me looking for a place like this. Where are all the local people training, or could anyone make some sort of recommendation?


a "normal guy" at the gym does curls, bench press and probably rides the bike every once in a while.

good luck finding a commercial gym that has tires, prowlers, bumper plates and kettle bells. To be honest, if you want all of that kind of equipment you're probably going to have to find a "hardcore" gym somewhere.

Gyms with that kind of equipment arent popping up in every town like a LA Fintess or 24 HR Fitness.


What's so bad about commercial gyms really? I've seen people get huge and lean in them.

Just gp to one of the commercial gyms and do your thing. Its about how ypu use what you have sometimes not about what ypu have to use.


Thorbecke's is supposed to be a pretty hardcore powerlifting gym, and it's in Tempe. Other than that, fuck all of the commercial gyms around man, for getting everything you're looking for. Like Greg said, "tires, prowlers, kettlebells (over 5kg), and bumpers" are not "normal" items found in a regular commercial gym setting.

Where do you train at now?


Just an LA Fitness right now. One of the Pure Fitnesses that used to be open was really strange... commercial gym, one power rack, no chalk, but they had tires, kettlebells, boxes, rowers, and heavy bags to push around, and never complained about anyone doing loud deadlifts.

I know that gyms like this aren't considered common, but damn I didn't know there would be practically none in this area.


I work at Die Hard Gym, but you'll have to go completely on the other side of town.


I live in California because its too fucking hot in AZ.

I can't help you in this thread, but wanted to post anyways....

FWIW....I train in a commercial gym (Worlds Gym) and have had plenty of success there.

not as much as Inky, but that guy is a fucking animal.

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