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Where are My Calves? Help Building Legs?

Any tips on building bigger legs? I’ve been told my legs are strong but they just seem to be lacking any size and definition.

what are you doing for them now? Define strong? What is your height?

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Gain bodyweight. Move more weight on the bar for more reps on the front squat, lunge, leg press, leg curl, Romanian deadlift, standing calf raise, and seated calf raise.

Pick a routine from here and follow it: https://www.t-nation.com/all-articles/tags/legs

What are your PRs?

And, like bulldog asked, how tall are you?


I’m sitting at 6ft weighing 74kgs… I haven’t tried to PR legs in a few months but the last time I tried for a squat PR I hit 130kgs

Got nothing to add other then seconding what @Chris_Colucci posted.

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Your legs look appropriate for someone your size.

What leg-focused plan have you decided on?

Based on the limited pics, your legs look about where your arms are,… you train a bit, but most likely need to just put in more time overall.


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