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Where Are Guys with HCG Script Getting It?


So after 3 years on a TRT roller-coaster from hell and 3 numbskull docs on the third year I finally found a legit doc that scribed HCG and I feel better than ever. My only problem now is that Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy is the only place I could find HCG and at $240 per 10000iu bottle which I could live with since it lasts 2 months. As of yesterday the price had shot up to $325! So wtf!!! Is there anywhere else one can get it without donating a left nut!!!??? Thanks in advance!


I get mine from Freedom Fertility. I THINK each vial costs 80 bucks. Luckily my copay is only 15 bucks and I have gotten four vials at a shot for this small price.

Do you have insurance?

You can also try compounding pharmacies.


Wow thanks! Yes I have insurance but they won't cover it probably because it's "off label" use. It's hard to imagine but the medical field is highly unlikely educated regarding the use of hcg for trt. I haven't tried fighting it with my insurance but I suppose a phone call wouldn't hurt. Regardless; 80$ per vial sounds awesome to me. What size of vial?


Yes I have insurance but I get the impression that hcg for trt is mostly unheard of in the medical field because they wouldn't cover it. So $80 per vial sounds like a steal! What size of vial?


Sorry for the semi double post!


I think they raised the price to almost a hundred bucks for a 10,000 IU vial. See here: http://prices.freedomfertility.com/.

Did your doc write the prescription to be used for hypogonadism? Also, most insurance companies will not cover it if it used for covered T medication. I do not go through insurance for T cypionate because it is so cheap, I want to get prescribed 10 cc vials, and the less shenanigans with insurance companies, the better! So I just get the HCG prescribed and covered.


I don't use insurance for T cyp either. I'm assuming g it's written for hypogonadism. If I could get it for $100 for 10000iu I'd be getting a 65% discount!


Just wanted to say thanks again brickhead!! I called them up, got my script over there and it's supposed to be on its way. That's a tremendous savings! What brand of HCG do they send?


Good! It is APP brand.


If you get them off an online pharmacy, they're about $30 a pop.

I believe you can buy up to 30 at a time, so that should last quite a while.


Brick does your dr scribe test cyp? I believe I have same dr



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Yes, I am now on 100 mg T cyp per week and 500 IU HCG twice per week. 9000 IU HCG alone did not get the job done in raising my T values to my usual 700s to 900s readings.