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Where and When are You Fighting

I don’t know if it’s worth creating a sticky or something…

…but it would be cool if there were a place we could post the when and where of our upcoming fights without having to start a new thread about it.

I don’t really know who’s in the area, or if I might just happen to be traveling somewhere where one of you guys is fighting, but it’d be cool if there were an easy place to just post it up.

Lots of reads: no responses.

No interest?

I’d be interested to see how many guys competitively fight and what their training/diet looks like pre-fight.

I think most people are hesitant to post where they train and when they fight, and for good reason - it’s the internet, and it’s full of fucking weirdos.

So while this has good intent, and I’m sure non of the regulars on this forum would mind other regulars knowing what’s up - many of us have “known” each other for years on here, and some of us actually know each other in real life by now as well, or at least talk - putting it out there for EVERYONE is not something that I would recommend.

The video of my padwork that I put up… I only put that up because you have to be seriously out of your mind to screw with my trainer. But most people would not be so open I would think.

Ye, like Irish said, this is the interwebz, and there is no telling who is reading. Those hundreds of posts can’t all be the handful of regulars who post here. I would be more than happy for most of the guys who do post here to know about any up coming bouts or anything like that (although I think my competing days are behind me for now).

I am also considering putting up a bagwork video, just in the interests of fairness(having provided critiques of others). I would do this from a youtube account that could not in anyway be linked to accounts where there are videos of my fights. We all say things at times on the forum that we might not say in front of a police officer, known psychopath, etc, and it is partly because of that that I for one am reluctant to let a bunch of unknown lurkers know my identity, where I train and can be found most nights of the week, and so on. If this was not a forum open to the whole internet, I would be an enthusiastic contributor to your thread.

I posted one of my muay thai comps a couple yrs ago…and regs and not-so-regs gave me some good critical feedback. I haven’t done too much since then(health issues,more time coaching,etc)…BUT I did have first MMA fight back in Dec(still waiting on footage…lol). I plan on fighting again possibly in Oct/Nov…but in meantime I will have no problem posting some training footage of myself and some of my students/teammates.