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Where and How Do I Gain Mass


k i been working out for almost 2yr's but still trying to figure the body.

i also have problem in high school did not do to much so got to 220 and that was all fat lost all that weight and have minor case of man boobs minor. i want to get bulky but also cut. but also would like to know will the man boobs worsen or should i just go in for surgery. i thought i had a good workout going but then i guess it just sort of stopped and now when i try to go heavier i just see no gain. current suppliments Arimatest and Estrogen blocker that comes with it. other then that Jacked before work out and protein shake right after. my Diet is mainly oatmael and 2 bannas and 4 egg whites protein shake in the moring protein shake in afternoon along with a salad no dressing and 2 grilled chciken breast. evening 2 packets of tuna and a protein shake. I want to get bigger thanks for the help and please keep negative comments out.

Also i wanted to start something i have looked at alot of info on the cycle but wanted to get more info from yall.

This is the cycle i was thinking of taking but not sure also i wold be using a estrogen blocker after the cycle or is it better to use during.

One bottle of D-BOL

One bottle of Equidren

One bottle of Masterbolan

One bottle of Winni - V


here is one more photo im all ears




not sure what u mean by that


you DO NOT need the anabolics dude, sort your diet - it looks like barely 2500kcals, i ate more than that yesterday and im throwing up phlegm with my flu. There is loads of info about proper mass-gaining diets on this site, read them, apply them.
what is your training program? why can you bench nearly as much as you squat? do you squat to depth? how do magnets work?


sorry for lack of info this is my workout usually but changes every 2 weeks. also the squat is do to knee injury so i am wearing a brace everytime i go to the gym and try not to push it Navy said something about my itb muscle. (im not in the Navy). Also whta if im not trying to gain weight around my waist and im trying hard to lose it.

Day 1 - Mon
Squats 6 sets with ramp, 8,8,ramp 6,ramp 6, ramp max reps,
I have itb issues so I am easing into them again
Leg Curl

Day 2 - Tue
Flat DB 3x6-8
Incline 3x10
DB Flies 3x10-12
Skull Crushers 3x10
Single arm overhead db extension 3x10

Day 3 - Wen
kick boxing training day with friend

Day 4 - Thu
Standing DB/Bar Curl (bilateral) 15 reps, moderate weight, not to failure
DB Preacher Curl 10RM, 6RM, 2x4RM
Standing DB/Bar Curl (bilateral) 12-15RM

Day 4 - Fri
Shoulders with dumbells
Javelin Press 3x6-8
Reverse Fly 3x10

Day 5 - Sat
Deadlifts 6 sets 6-8 reps ramping up
DB Rows or BB rows 3x6-10
Pull ups max with 5sets
Pull downs 3x10

Day 6 - Sun
Running 3 miles
and Rest


why are you changing your training every two weeks? i was on 5/3/1 for 8 months and saw great dead and squat gains - its called progressive overload
why a dedicated biceps day, 2 pressing and only one pulling days?


Son....I am disappoint


Stick the needle in your jugular. It'll give you the super results you're looking for.



i have just been working out with a buddy and thats how he has gotten all muscle gains buy changing up and not creating muscle memory. also biceps day just went from 15 to 17 in 1yr and half with just gnc products so its been working. trolling hmm i like the song but nope no trolling here just trying to get results and some random guy just posts trolling cause he has nothing better else to do but thanks for taking a look at my post.


in what let me know dont just say it thats why i posted cause im trying to learn. ps if ur not trying to help another person intrested in getting his body in to shape dont waste my time and posts.


go and add 100lbs to ALL of your main lifts using a linier or periodised progression system, gain 30lbs of muscle with steak, chicken, eggs and rice, then bump this thread


Why not just do the drugs? Same end result in less time.


pfft, drugs are for cheaters, you will be telling him to do sumo-deadlifts next :wink:


I dunno, man. Your way seems like a lot of work.

I switched to conventional. I couldn't handle the guilt.


thank u this is what im looking for bump. in a way im trying to just get up there using natrual gnc products ya ive thought about the stuff that will help but see the thing is my buddy i go with takes stastnon and im still right there next to him i just eat alot healthier and hit gym alot more then he is due to dedication. also i know some of yall dont like my routine if u can give me a link to one u think that will better myself i have no problem looking into it and changing mine im looking for better results