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Where Am I?


I went to the gym this morning after graveyard shift. Gym opens at 6 AM and I was there promptly. I realized at 6:30 that my MP3 player was on repeat, and I had listened to the same song about 8 times...........

Some days it's just tough being a sloth.

\|/ 3Toes


That's rough.

I've turned my mp3 player on, forgetting to press the "play" button. At the end of my workout, I turn the thing off, only to realize I'd not heard any music from it that day.

Some days it's just tough being a magnetnerd.


Some times I find myself singing "I'm a SUPERGENIUS" over and over again for two hours.

Some times it's hard to be TQB


Sometimes I get halfway down in my squat, while wearing a singlet, and realize that I left my buttplug in.

Most days its embarrassing to be Dollarbill.



DB, that wasn't a butt plug...

Most days it's fun spotting Dollarbill when he squats.




Does that help build intra-abdominal pressure?


Sometimes while I'm working out I get distracted from all the camara flashes and people asking for my autograph.

Some days it's hard to be LOST.