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when's enough enough?

Well, rest assured that my dieting and supplements are rounded up and used as needed…this question is about training. I consulted a friend about two months ago (when I first got serious about managing a sound diet and routine) and he suggested I do about 20min of cardio every morning before breakfast. So that’s what I do. I wake up every morning and stretch, then do 250 crunches, then I run to the fitness center at the front of my apartment complex and switch off days doing 20min on the treadmill or 20min on the elliptical trainer - this has become more of an everyday morning ritual. Then I have my actual workout split (chest/back on Day 1, legs & abs day 2, day 3 rest, day 4 arms - tricep/bicep.) Is this overkill on my abs and maybe overkill on cardio? It’s gotten to the point where I feel guilty if I don’t do this on a particular day! :frowning:

Uh, yeah.
BUT: what is your stats? BF%? Height/Weight? Have you ever trained before? Or physically active?
What’s your diet like? Do you keep a diet journal? If not: BEGIN ONE NOW.
Have you read the Beginners Blast Off Program or any nutritional article by John Berardi? Or how about, “Bodybuilder’s Hierarchy of Needs” by Chris Shugart? If not, then do read these articles.
More importantly: WHO is your friend and what type of credentials does this friend have for you to seek out his/her opinions?
Okay: yes, again I see overkill. No sense in performing 20-min of cardio EVERYDAY before breakfast. Or even abs everyday. But if you could kindly answer the above questions, that would help greatly.

Sorry about the neglegence of that info :P. I’m 6’1" and currently 170lbs - and I can’t necessarily answer the BF% because I don’t really have any means of measuring it that I know of - and yeah, I realize the importance of knowing this figure. No, I’ve never trained before, I just started my regimen about the beginning of January, and before I did that I saturated my brain with many an article from T-Mag. I’m currently on the T-Dawg Diet v2.0 and I’m just now educating myself about the importance of refeeding days at the moment. My supplements are in order for the EFA/DHA and multi. I’m also currently taking NO2 which I believe has made a bit of a difference in my exercise routine. And I’m consistant with my protein intake, about 200g a day and I try to keep at the recommended 100g of carbs for workout days and 70g for nonworkout days.

As for my friend, he was just what I figured to be an average fitness buff who was my old manager at my previous job. From what he told me though he was currently getting certified to be a personal trainer and work at a local Gold’s Gym - and I’m also aware of shady PT’s too, but heh. I can honestly say I haven’t read the particular articles you’ve mentioned, but have read a lot of the regimen articles like GVT and GBC, etc. Also, yes, I do keep a food log thanks to The Missing Ingredient and others. I hope that’ll help, anything else you need me to tell ya just lemme know. Appreciate the help.