When's an Empty Stomach Empty?

i am looking into taking HOT-ROX extreme and Norateen. both say to take on an empty stomach.

obviously my stomach will be empty first thing so thats on dos taken care of but as im eating small and often (5meals or every 3 hours) when is my stomach then empty again for the next dose?



Obviously, this will depend on the size of your meals, but generally I have read…

  1. 3-4 hours after your last meal
  2. 45 minutes prior to a meal

If you don’t satisfy these criteria perfectly, don’t sweat it. In fact, some of the compounds in HRX may be better absorbed with meals that are somewhat higher in fat.

Hmmm, I don’t know. but usually, my stomach (I eat 6 meals a day), is all grumbly and i feel the urge to eat something every 2 hours. Actually, i feel like eating everything anyway. But i guess, when your stomach is saying “need food…”

Usually after a Carb+Protein meal? Since its digested faster than Fat+protein? =P

Yah i know, i didn’t help.

I’ve read elsewhere that your stomach is emptied about 2 hours after eating. And in personal experience, this is true.

So HRX, first thing in the AM, and then between two afternoon meals (2 hours after your previous meal, about 30-60 mins prior to the next)

Works for me.

An empty stomach is always empty.

Just take them a few minutes BEFORE you eat your next meal. That’s as good as you can do. Don’t overthink it.

[quote]Reef wrote:
An empty stomach is always empty.[/quote]

Confucious was correct.

after you take your morning dump.

unless you eat on the toilet; which i’m sure someone in here has done.