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When's a good time to use supplements?

My workout partner and I got a third person for the next few weeks. At our last workout, he started asking us about ECA, Mag10 and Creatine and whether or not he should go on them.

We suggested that he get his diet and training in order for two solid years before he start anything like that and that amazing progress can be made with just a MRP and a daily vitamin.

But it raises a good question, when should someone use other types (fat burners, prohormones, etc) of supplements?

I didn’t see any other posts on this topic, so I thought I’d post it to the group. If its already been asked, then please let me know. Thx.

Print this out:

This is a good read. May help with some of your questions.

How long has he been working out what’s his age all take into consideration. You probably gave him the right info. Although, I would suggest him to intake a protien shake, MPR, Flax oil, a good Multi, Anti oxidents and thats about it for now and sound nutrition and training program for at least two years.

there is no specific time frame. 2 years of training can mean the guy is still a baby trainign wise, on the other hand someone else may be advanced in two years based on their willingness to learn.

supps shouldnt be started in my opinion until you get your diet dialed in. that could take 2 weeks or 20 years. it is very individual.

Whenever you need them…

Need muscle, mag-10
Too fat, Fat burned…

You dig?

Thanks for the articles. I’ll print them out and pass them along. I should of checked the back issues as well as the forums.

Early 20s and his first workout ever was last Monday. Hence, we suggested to first work on diet and training for a period of time rather then worry about supplementation.

You’re right. 2 years was just something that an old training partner told me when I was in the “gotta try every weider product” phase of my life. Christ, just thinking of those shakes still makes me want to throw up.

I’m not sure I agree with that if the diet isn’t in order.

Thanks all for the info and opinions.