When You're Disgusted w/ Yourself?

I have been an athlete my entire life. I’m 26 years old and have been dealing with a foot injury that hasn’t cleared up in over a year and a half. I am going to hopefully see a world famous specialist here in December and hope to get some resolution. In that time i haven’t been able to run, to jump, to squat. It’s all been upper body type stuff and I just feel so imbalanced and so slow and unexplosive. I have become single recently so I’m going out a lot on weekends and staying out late and eating pure crap too much.

When you feel yourself just extremely unhappy with your performance, your overall feeling and look, what kinds of things get you back on track. I know everyone is different, which is why i’m posting this. I dont’ want to sound like a little whiny baby rant. Would love to hear back from people. At the moment, i’m 6’7", almost 280 pounds. A good weight for me is about 265. My bodyfat has risen and its not all in good locations on my body.

I’ve had some recent injuries that have sidelined me for awhile. About a year ago I was on crutches for two months and had to use a cane for awhile. About four months ago, I had just fully recovered from the previous injury, I seriously injured my knee and ankle and was on crutches for awhile again. I’m almost fully recovered now. I’ll admit for awhile there I just completely let go. I got fatter, didn’t exercise, didn’t lift, didn’t really do shit but feel bad about my situation. I did find hope though. I can’t exactly say what it was, but I got my drive back and set goals for myself. Once those goals were set it was all about my pride and determination and what a piece of shit I’d be if I didn’t reach my goals.

Set some goals. try to get back in the gym and work your upper body. I’m sure there are some things you could do for your legs; leg curls and leg extensions maybe. Start a diet to lose some excess fat. I know it sucks, and it’s a bitch to get motivated when you’re injured. But you have to find something to rekindle your drive. If you don’t then you’ll just end up digging yourself into a hole that is very hard to get out of. good luck on your comeback.

I have been in the same situation. I have had continuous injuries over a 2.5 year period, which left me feeling like shit and pissed off, and embarassed at reaching somewhat of a “dead end” in my athletic progress.

I have to pretty much agree with what jit07 said. You have to set some goals, hopefully that will be able to involve your lower body at least somewhat to help keep you sane.

Can you do certain types of strongman stuff? Deadlifts? Olympic lifts? Certain types of jumps? Sprints? Bicycling on a really low gear (lol)? Maybe some stuff on sand that will be softer and easier on your foot?

Anyway, point is, I know you want to push yourself hard. You have to try to find some activity that will be similar enough to what you really want to do, just to keep yourself sane until you are healed. Focus on some new goals that either you were always interested or that will have some carryover to your ideal activites.

Maybe you always wanted to try bodybuilding? Now is a good time to give it a real shot and experience and enjoy that sport. Same goes for any other activity you can do that doesn’t hurt your foot. When you are fully healed, you will still have gained a lot more than sitting around feeling like shit.

Also, as for your injury, I went to 4 different people before one of them was able to figure out one of my injuries. So don’t give up!

Cut it off and move on.

Go all “Saw” on that shit.

I took completely off weights last year during wrestling. sometimes a focus on something else helps. And a shift in focus like transferring to bodybuilding would be a nice change.

as for the foot I had to go to 3 guys to see what was really wrong with a shoulder so don’t give up.

It seems to me that you’re already in the process of dealing with the difficult part. You seem to fully realize that you are not in the shape you can be, and you know that you need to do something about it. This clarity of thought is crucial for change.

Though your foot injury is difficult to deal with - I have been there, multiple stress fractures, fortunate enough not to have any injury at the heel - there is still hope! You need to get your diet back on track so that you can look and feel better right now. I

'm sure that under that excess flab there’s a lot of perfectly good muscle. If you can clean up your lifestyle, then when your foot injury is just a memory, you’ll be able to regain that explosiveness and lower body/total body strength. You’re not going to make it if you keep killing yourself with booze and shitty food though.