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When You Meet Your Abuser


I read this article this morning in the LA Times and thought I would share.

Imagine your identity is stolen, and someone opens up a number credits cards and charges them up the wazoo, leaving you responsible. What if you could meet that person? Take a look and find out what happened to someone who did...



All I can say is, would you bail me out of jail?


Only if you beat the ever living shit out of them, then yes.


POW! Right in the kisser...


Yes sir, that would be a given. Someone is going to jail and someone is going to the hospital.




I would probably take the assault charge, honestly. I had someone steal my credit card numbers once, and they started charging all sorts of shit in different states I have never even stepped foot in. It was a mess, and it took months to fix, along with calls and letters to many state Attorney Generals. I have no pity for people who do this shit.


I think I would've said "It's clobberin' time!" right before I "blacked out"


Happened to my best friends wife before they were married. I have no fucking sympathy for people who steal. Period. I work hard for my stuff and what is worse is this type of crime goes unpunished most of the time.


I had the same happen to me.....and I've never been to New York or a Macy's store there. I WISH the person who did that just casually gave themselves away in front of me.

This is the primary reason I don't throw out those credit card offers in the trash.


Hard to say what I'd do in that situation. Yeah, my first reaction is to knock the fucker out.
But I'd like to think I have the forethought to realize violence will not help my case.

That bitch got 35 years in prison! I'd be happy knowing my thief would serve a heavy sentence, but going to jail with a broken jaw or nose, compliments of yours truly, would have to be the icing on the cake.


Same here. We'd get dozens of them every week. My wife and I would either shred and drop them down our sink's disposal, or we'd place the blank applications into the postage-free envelopes provided, and send them back! Sometimes we'd fill out the apps with silly names and addresses before mailing, or we'd put a Visa app into an American Express envelope and send it.



I'm tired of getting them. I don't have a paper shredder so I have a huge pile of them just waiting until I finally buy one. Who the fuck needs 20 credit card offers a month?


I agree. You must have spotless credit (as do I).
What's odd is, when the financial meltdown happened last year, the number of credit offers we received by mail dropped to as few a month, thankfully. Our shredder broke around that time anyway.

You have no way of disposing of the ones you have?
Right now I have a 5 gallon bucket in my garage filled with them. I intend to fill it with water and bleach soon. If they fade to white, I'll just toss 'em with my regular trash.





Got some bad news for you Iron,

She can get UP TO 35 yrs, but she will plead out and have alot of the shit dropped in her plea deal. She wont do more than 10 most likely. When I was locked up, I had a bunky who was charged with ID theft, he got 7 yrs, and it was his second charge. Judges also will run sentences concurrent (at the same time), so it won't be as bad as it sounds. The sad truth is, none of these people give a flying fuck about who's identity they steal. My bunky had no remorse, and was planning on doing it again once he got out. It's really messed up.


I just started burning them last week in the pit when I grill my steaks on the weekend...but I have too many to burn them all at once so at this rate, it will still take me until the year 2013 to get rid of them....and that's if they don't send anymore.


I suggest you guys call 1-888-5-OPT-OUT ( http://www.ftc.gov/privacy/protect.shtm for some info ). Give them your info and you will stop receiving pre-approved credit cards apps.

Thankfully I have stopped receiving them.


Being in the mortgage business, I am oftentimes the one who has to show them what is on their credit report. I'd say one out of every ten or fifteen people has something on their credit that they have no idea how it got there (and it's generally fucking up their score!)

And let me tell you about credit repair - once something is on there, it's a BITCH to get it off. I can usually improve a score in a matter of days (once you understand the algorithms the credit reporting agencies use it's fairly easy to manipulate things to your client's favor) , but to correct a reporting error usually takes MONTHS.

The fucked up part about it, is that it is SOOO easy to do. People really have no idea how vulnerable they are.

Personally, I don't use credit cards. I don't even have one. Financing something other than a house, a school loan or possibly a car makes BAD financial sense if you can avoid it. But assets and liabilities is another can of worms...


Shred it and/or burn it. Seriously. Protect your information like you would protect a newborn baby. Don't let it sit in your garage. What if there is a break in? or a strong wind blows it out? or whatever... Don't take the chance.