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When You Grow Up


I ran a search a couple times, but didn't see a thread quite like what I'm hoping for. So I'm curious: What were some people's life goals that they have or have not achieved? What did you want to be when you grow up? What do you want to be when you grow up? Are you close to where you want to be? What about bucket lists? Does anyone have them or is anyone regularly adding and crossing things off?

I only have a couple things that I know I want to do right now, such as go skydiving, and travel, and I have both a plan to do those and know where I'm getting the money to. Anything else, such as personal fitness or romantic life I'm legitimately working on. And I've got a long time to do it I think. I know people are cognizant of what's going on in their lives, but often it seems like most people still get caught up in everyday things. So I just want some thoughts of the T-Nation. Specifically anyone I've interacted with a bit. OMO, Beast, AC, Chris C, Veggie, SP even BG and Oleena. Just please, nobody try and make this a brag fest. Confidence is good, arrogance is annoying. Also anything that really inspired you or does inspire you would be cool to hear about.


Search for "Bucket List"


Thanks. I didn't think of searching for that one.


Good Idea for a thread op.When I was younger I wanted to be a cop.After I grew up a little bit I realised its not all car chases and shootouts so I changed tack and at around 16 figured I wanted to be a lawyer.Im 20 now and studying law so Im not there yet but getting there.


Everything I wanted to be I am not, and the only reason for that is the lack of resources. Altough I am trying to get those resources...it is quite hard...boo thanks op


I always wanted to be an artist.


I wanted a job that would attract the ladies. And here I am.


So, way back when, as I was getting ready to graduate from 8th grade (catholic grade school) we did these little yearbook interviews. I was graduating top of my class w/a scholarship and I said that I wanted to be a trainer or (gasp!) an aerobics instructor. People thought that my brains might be better used as a lawyer or a doctor... Fast forward almost 20 years. Here I am working w/a chiro and planning to go back to school to get my DC. When I think about it, my current and future career tracks are a perfect blend of my desire to do physically demanding/fitness & health related work and the need to use my scientific/analytical brain.


Well, the thing is, my family has always been poor, I'm in college pretty much on financial aid, scholarships, and loans. But I'm working a job saving money to help pay for what I can so my mom doesn't have to (single mother, three younger siblings at home) I turn 20 on the 30th and don't really know if I really have anything I want to do yet. I love theater and acting, so I'm majoring in that, and I'm working on a second major of health sciences with an ultimate goal of going into physical therapy. I don't have a clue if I'll stick with it this way, but I'm pretty sure I'll at least keep the theater. I know I've got tons of time, but you always do till you look back and realize the time you've wasted or done nothing.

Iron dwarf, are you actually an artist? Or if not an artist, do you paint or sculpt or anything like that anymore? (Aside from sculpting your body, referring to your body as a work of art isn't classy without pics.)


I wanted to be in the NBA.

No real bucket list but that doesn't mean there aren't things I want to do before I die but they aren't very specific right now.

Most immediate short and long term goal is building this venture of mine so that I can be independent. I'm just not built to work for someone else and I've been a square peg in a round hole my entire career. I'm also trying to raise a 5 year old basically by myself which makes "bucket lists" seem a bit impractical for me right now. So, I'm very much caught up in "everyday things".

I'm inspired by the belief that just about anything is possible thru unbending will. I wish I understood, and believed that simple fact from childhood.


I was a high school drop out and had no future whatsoever. I had no idea things would work out so much better than I could have imagined. As a little kid I thought I wanted to be a lawyer or business type but I didn't have any big dreams.


Actually on second thoughts I want this..


Can you elaborate on this?


Probably my biggest dream was to be a musician. I've always loved music, never really understood how to play though. I lived in a rural area where no one near me really enjoyed the same music as me and if they did they didn't play an instrument themselves. I'm still young at 21 years old and now am trying to pursue a career as a personal trainer which seems up my alley, but I don't think anything would beat shredding guitar and doing vocals for a cool band.


Have you tried buying a guitar or other instrument? I mean, you do have google and the internet. That's where I've learned. I'm not great, but I haven't put appropriate devotion in to BE great at guitar


Although I do not literally believe you "can be anything you want to be", I think human will can bring you pretty damn close. Over the years, I've learned about the incredible power of just not quitting - just sheer will power. Look around you; the most successful people are rarely the most talented, but they usually worked the hardest. Sometimes, all it takes to "win" is to not quit.

Personally, when I was young, I knew I was a very good basketball player. But did I necessarily believe I could be in the NBA? No. I had no frame of reference to know that it was achievable. But it was, and I fucked it up.


I have a guitar and play some. I can read guitar tabs and play some simple songs. I've just never had the patience to stick with it I guess. I actually wrote and recorded a death metal cd for a "senior project" that was a PA state requirement to get through high school. Played guitar and did vocals, then programmed the drums and mixed it all with an audio mixer called audacity. One song actually turned out somewhat decent but the rest of it was just shit and I threw it together without alot of time. I still can learn now if I really want to. I just always thought it'd be cool to jam out in a small bar or something, i'd never want to tour the world, i'm a small town guy who doesn't travel to much.

Song picks up at about 1:10, just think it'd be a blast.


I wanted to play football but never understood what it took to even play in college, I sat back waiting for people to come to get me when I wasn't near the come get me kind of talent.
Since then I haven't found anything I really WANTED to do except train people, got my education and cert but by then life had sucked me up to the point I couldn't afford to take the pay cut as an entry level trainer. I train on the side but most of the clients who hire a guy like me don't stick around or don't have the kind of drive I do.

To all you young guys, figure it out and get on it now. I think all us older fuckers can agree that it wasn't that long ago we all said "I've got time" before you know it life sucks you in and you're doing some dumb job because it pays decent.


This is amazingly true.

I had enough fortune to volunteer 3 times at the Seeds of Compassion week in Seattle when the Dalai Lama visited and see him speak each time. The thing, other than his mannerisms, which stuck with me the most was his reply to a student asking what could be done in the face of so much political turmoil and violence. His response was to the effect of "Your will is your strongest weapon."

Personally, I have the belief that nothing in life is going to matter in the real long run. While other people see this as a reason to fail, I kind of view it as a video game; how far can you go? How much good can you do? (I suppose that's dependent on how much you like doing good, but I noticed long ago that it makes you feel more connected to everyone else to be a positive influence)

I'm confused about the OP. Do you mean, career-wise or life-goals in general (such as climbing mountains)?


All of them really. I mean, some of them are tied together, some won't be. I just think its interesting to find out what people want to do, what they wanted to do, and whether or not they've done some of the things they wanted to. Kinda like how some people want to travel: how many people actually take the time to save and then travel? Are they currently doing anything to get to that?

And on the will power thing, of course its true. People forget all the time the power of just DOING something. Its like when someone needs help and everyone stands around waiting for everyone else to help.