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When You Couldn't Take It Anymore


Just when you've had enough... they have to do it again, Tito v. Shamrock III...and the worst part about it = we will watch it:

As Sherdog.com reported on Friday, the Ultimate Fighting Championship has been negotiating with Tito Ortiz (Pictures) and Ken Shamrock (Pictures) to promote a third installment of their blood-feud.

Apparently the talks went well.

UFC president Dana White is quoted in Sunday?s Las Vegas Review-Journal that the trilogy-making bout will take place.

?[Ortiz-Shamrock II] had a lot of buildup and a lot of hype and it ended in a minute,? White told Kevin Iole. ?Nobody got to see the fight they paid to come to see, so we?re going to give it to them.?

Sherdog.com has learned through sources close to both fighters that the show was scheduled for October 10 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Fla., and would have aired live on SpikeTV.

However, there has been a holdup on securing the venue and the particulars of the event remain up in the air at this time.

According to one source, the card has been finalized but no contracts have been sent out to any of the fighters due to the venue issues.

It would seem likely that the show could be held at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas ? where Diego Sanchez (Pictures) fights Karo Parisyan (Pictures) on August 17?s UFC Fight Night ? if things are not resolved in Florida. The resort is the newest piece of UFC owners Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta?s hotel and casino empire.


So if I read that right, it's going to be free. Sounds like they are doing the right thing.


True, it's just too bad we have to watch it again. In all honesty, I don't understand it.

From Shamrock's point of view, he is going to get owned again, by someone he hates none-the-less, could be seriously hurt, as well as tarnishing his "legendary" record/status.

From Tito's point of view, he has already beat him twice, so what if by some lucky chance Shamrock wins, will they go best out of 5? Probably not, but you can see how ridiculous it could be...and shouldn't Tito be focused on his title shot? Or should he be wasting his time and risking possible injury fighting some can?

Doesn't make sense to me.


Fuck this. I don't care about these two fighting at all. Even if Shammy wins by some freak punch, then what? Your second highest paid fighter, and top 10 worldwide, loses to someone obviously past their prime and tarnishes his record. Shammy gets what, 1 out of 3? If Tito wins, who cares because he's already done it twice. This is just dumb. At least they are making it free so people won't waste their money on it. Bring on GSP-Hughes and Babalu-Lidell, fights that actually matter.


They blew the Babalu-Liddel build up already and they know it. It almost seems like they are willing to let this PPV slide without notice. Griffen vs. Bonner II? Yippee! Bonner is a wash and has been given gift victories. The whole card looks like shit. If it wasn't for my impulsive buying habits I wouldn't even order it.


There is always hope:



Yeah, Final Conflict could be the best MMA card ever. The Pride Vegas show is shaping up nicely too, hopefully I'll be there live to see it.


I'm as excited about the prospect of Silva-Liddel as the next guy, but the way they went about it sucks. Babalu is a GREAT fighter, I mean he's beat Shogun and went to decision against the likes of Fedor. Chuck got a lucky kick last time, even he admitted it was luck to have connected that way. I really don't think Sorbal deserved the disrespect that the UFC showed him, especially when he has a very good shot of winning.


Ya, I can't wait for this one.




Eh...I'll watch it. Especially if it's for free. That's awesome that they're doing that...and rare for them to be doing that. But it sounds like they know the last fight sucked and probably hurt the UFC as far as fan support goes. Looks like they're trying to take steps to get that back.


Or the more likely explanation is that Shamrock can't accept the fact that he was totally dominated twice and wants another matchup. I don't know how you can make a fight exciting when the fighters aren't even close to each other in skill.