When You Age, You Exercise Caution

Is my right arm really visibly smaller ?
I am left handed, but i use my right arm a lot, if you know what I mean.

you look like you had your lower two abs removed. I’m not much to comment but I’d say you need more leg work.

zebrahead, know any good lower ab exercises by any chance mate ?

Nice work.

Check out Thibs’ article on staggered Ab training for some ideas.

I think at 41 you have much to be proud of mate, good on ya. No barrel belly etc.

The arms and legs could be a little bigger particularly after all the time you’ve spent training. Maybe change things around in your routine drastically and see if the changes create growth.

Other than that, being tall is a bugger, you’ve done well.

HalfTruth, Duke, cheers for the input. It’s good to get frank opinions and advice from all over the world!!!

Definately gonna ‘step up’ (dreadful pun) my leg workouts, and shake things up.

just commenting on the v-squat machine. it’s definately good. we have 2 versions at my gym, one similar to the picture, and one with a weight stack. I use it for my clients before I have them free squat. It’s a good way for them to learn the form and strengthen the muscles. And I use it in my own routine instead of the leg press sometimes.

[quote]York Plate wrote:

I do train tris on chest day, and bis on back. Have done for years.


Maybe that’s part of the problem. Switch up your routine. See what happens when you do something different than what you have been doing for years.

def try switching up ur program… maybe a push/pull split instead of a body part

Will change up my routine for sure. Good, sound advice.