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When Would You Take Steroids?


maybe this should be on the steroids forum, but i feel not as many go there due to being natural or uninterested in roids. well im slightly interested though i have years of good eating and heard training ahead of me, when should u start taking steroids?

should it be after years of training and good nutritional habits have built u a solid base, but the gains are beginnging to slow? if so how many years ya reckon?

should it be when u just feel ready? even if ur in your teens? ie wanting progress faster to excel in the sport not just in yours eyes but professionally. (example, arnie started taking them when he was 13)

if you have experience when u were young i would love to know, sure many others would be interested also. you dont have to mention if it was you, just mention a 'friend' for safety purposes.

sorry if its long. basically?

when should u take steroids?
is it to soon to start straight away?


99% of people on this site will tell you wait til youre over 21, have read 14 encyclopedias and recieved at least a bachelors degree in endocrinology but in the real world most people whove been successful with steroids dont meet any of the above criteria and generally start in their teens. now im not saying you should be completely clueless but the way this site talks about steroids is a little holier-than-thou


Just because a teen "feels ready" doesn't mean that his body is. There is a reason why just about every member in the Steroid forum is vehemently against AAS use in teens.

The changes a teen's body goes through during puberty is driven by the endocrine system. Messing with hormone levels and introducing exogenous hormones can potentially lead to long lasting health issues.

And why on earth does every kid talking about AAS use reference Arnold? (and can you guys at least get on the same page and pick one age--I've seen people say he started anywhere between 13-17) Who the fuck cares what Arnold did. Just because some pro BBer that is worshiped by all did it, doesn't mean its a good idea.


I think as long as someone actually understands what they are doing, if they feel like using they should go ahead and use.

The problem with that kind of qualification is everyone always thinks they know more than they do - but to me you would probably have gained significant size beforehand and have a few years training under your belt.

I personally don't see the point of a teen using what with the risks unless they are actually going to be someone in whatever sport they are doing. Once again you have the problem of every teen thinking they are going to be the best.

Not sure how relevant my opinion is, it will probably change later.

god its early


If you are going to do them you need to be 100% disciplined. You fuck up with that shit and you will get hurt. Also consider that if you don't live in a country where they are legal then getting the real stuff may be very hard and even then.. how would you actually know it is the real stuff you are injecting into your body? If you want to go further with that and suppose you did have stuff that was 100% legitimate is it really safe for a person who does not have medical expertise to be injecting something into him or herself?

People go to school to learn how to do that stuff properly. Also even if steroids were legal where you lived and you knew how to do injections. Do you really know enough about steroids to decide what stuff to take at what time and in what dose? If you don't have medical training you will be stuck taking "internet advice" about what kind of chemicals to inject. That sounds like a stupid idea to me.

What I'm getting at is if you don't have access to 100% proper shit and have a doctor to give it to you then forgot about all your other questions in the first place.


if you have to ask when, you're not ready


The scenario you describe is very uncommon, unless referring to HRT patients.

While I tend to agree with what you are saying since many forums are cluttered with nonsense, the T-Nation steroid forum has some of the smartest people I've ever encountered posting.

Bill Roberts, egnatiosj, BBB, Brook, Prisoner etc etc, the list goes on. I think they are due some respect for all the contributions they have made to this board.

If you are mildly competent, self administering steroids and creating a simple cycle plan is extremely easy with a little research.


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Oh snap!!


The steroids are a subject and the very serious need to be taken seriously, if you did not enough instruct to use them, then not to do, simple. In my spirit there is not of not at all in to take steroids unless you already attained or attain your potential genetic one, natural and full. I dispute also the complaint as Arnold began steroids when it was thirteen, this seems as a loss pile to me. From which did you obtain these information? I do not do also the steroids of reccomend when you are young as they can wrinkle your system of hormone and that is not good.

(The excuse if my English is bad, I use a translator as I cannot speak the English to all.)


If you have to ask others if you are ready, then you sir ARE NOT READY. You say Arnold was 13 when he started, good for him. Do you really think they fully understood steroids or hormones back then? If your still a teen your test is still naturally high.

Eat, Lift, Sleep, and Wait until you have a few more years under your belt.


You make it sound as if using gear was an inevitable thing that everyone would have to do eventually?

Did he say that?

Do you think you need them? Why?
What are your expectations?

I'd suggest you at least head over to promuscle (I think it was promuscle, not sure) and check out baldnazi's story (never mind the nickname, he's ok) so that you can at least avoid getting yourself into the same trouble.


Now As far as when to use...I think it is fair to assume that if you didn't have an impressive build before you used them, you won't with them.

Yes this is possibly an unfair generalization but if you didn't have the fortitude and dedication to do what it takes to look great naturally, steroids aren't going to do it for you.


My personal answer to your question, "When should you start taking steroids?" is never.

Best of luck with your decision.


idk if he's on promusclembut he's on IM.


When getting into steroids its a topic you should educate yourself about. Go on steroid forums and read.

From your reading you will find that most people advocate letting your natural development occur first, and let all your natural hormones do the job there supposed to, 21 years plus.

You need to learn what drugs are cosidered best and safe. You need to learn about Post Cycle Therapy.

I consider it a large step and will probably keep training and eating as i am for at least another 4 years if i ever decide to take them.


waylander for president? haha jk

just like he said,all those guys in the steroid forum really know what their talking about...i know every other comment is never and your not ready but its really serious shit if your not truly ready...but a simple cycle just to ease in isnt really as bad as it seems...if your interested list some background info an the guys will def help you out..best of luck


I pretty much agree with this. It seems weird, but yes, this it true.

Also, you need to have iron clad discipline and good habits in eating and training built.

Most importantly, you need to have enough experience under the bar to know your body and how it reacts to different training methods. IMO, nobody below 6 years of hard training (NOT on and off, but on all the time, consistently--surgeries aside) knows enough about that. The exceptions to this in my experience are extremely few, though I can think of a couple on this forum.

Remember, steroids are your Ace card, ad Dave Tate once said. Don't play them too early. Reach a peak first. Most people never really know how far they can go because they're always looking for an easy way out.


Steroids? I eat that shit for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


at 21yrs old but only a few months of serious training i definately know i have a long way till i even contemplate usage. i have several friends who have used and done quite well in competitions throughout australasia. but was just wondering what peoples opinions were. i will be definately doing a lot of research before i ever consider it.

i got arnold being '13' from his autobiography that i read a few years back.